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02112012 – A date with pretty girl

I’m really out of topics to blog lol. I don’t know what to blog actually. So I just choose some pictures and blog about it.

Psttt, if you’re from Ipoh, I guess you had already known this famous girl, Chienwei. You see her subcribers is crazy! LOL. She’s too pretty! Major love. Hahaha! Okay, pretty stuff who doesn’t like? Teehee.

Actually, how I know her. I DON’T KNOW honestly. I remember one day I scrolled my news feed and saw her pictures appeared with 2k  plus ‘like’. Powerful right? So I clicked inside her profile and stalked. Unexpectedly, she was my friend in facebook. o___O I was shocked. How come? HAHAHAH! Fated. We’re fated. 😛

Started to stalk her because she’s too pretty and hot! LOL. I prefer stalking leng luis than handsome guys. You know, handsome guys are limited in this world. HAHAHAH! 😛 So until one day, I met her at Chatime. I still remember I was with my Glenny boy darling yum cha-ing.

So from there, we started to know each other by commenting at Instagram. HAHAHA! Power of social media aites. And planned to meet up as well! 🙂

She was one of the ‘agenda’ for my KL trip last weekend. I met her up on Friday noon since I was free.

Before that, I would like to do some story about my experience at LRT. Mike sent me to Kelana Jaya LRT Station as he got something to do with reporting because he met accident. Gosh, Thanks God that he was alright. So yea, I have to take public transport to reach KLCC and walk over to Pavilion.

So huh, it’s my first time to take public transport alone!! Mostly, I have Mummy, sisters and cousins acc me one. But this time NO. So I nge nge bang here bang there. I reached. I don’t know where’s the place to buy ticket. So you know what I do, I just followed the crowd. LOL. Brilliant right? Quite dangerous la actually because if one intended to kidnap me how? LOL. But, I’m blessed. Thanks God.

I found machine like finally. So pressed pressed and a TOKEN came out. I was like WHY NO TICKET BUT TOKEN. Then looked around and then the Malay girl so nice smiled to me so I asked her,

“Sekarang guna token kah? Tarak ticket?” 

She really very nice and answered my question. Anyway, I know I damn SAN BA.

Cant do anything, I’m not staying in Kl and it’s my first time to take public transport alone. Most probably I have drivers in KL. 😛


Okay, we met up in KLCC and walked over to Pavilion together. Surprisingly, I thought she’s someone very quiet. NO, she’s very friendly and easy go along with. lol. Probably from Ipoh, we have a lot of common topics and… gossip!!! LOL About the people we admired and hate and so forth. So much fun. X)

Isn’t she pretty??? Teehee. Nice meeting up with this sugar sister. Coincident, we were wearing the top from IHF. One of my favourite sponsor. So happy that I found someone who is also kiam sap like me. HAHAHAHA! Next time shopping can find her along. X)

First meet up also chat quite a lot until the mouth dried up. LOL.

And she kept telling me that she’s fat and short and elephants legs etc. I was like hello? Look at me. I even shorter and fatter. And the legs is giant legs. Nvm, girls can never satisfied with themselves. So keep gam fei la lol.

Everyday 3 set of squats. I hope it is working. I want to see my thigh is slimmer. AHHHH.

Meet up with Leonard as well, who is another famous figure. 😉 This world is so small, we were surprised that we three know each other. HAHAHAHA!

Actually this photo I don’t wish upload. lol. But… Leonard said this is CUTE. =_______= I think he should get a camera and learn some shooting skill. HAHAHAH

Very less photo we took. 🙁 Because the camera and we’re not in form. LOLL. So next date will be huh? 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her up again.

Anyway, she blogs as well! Support her blog ya. ^______^ Common hobby and interest and most important, we’re kiam sap ppl. AHAHAHAH!

Anyway, I went H&M finally and did something stupid in front of her as well. =______= I thought H&M’s apparels will be expensive. Surprise~ Damn cheap. Even it’s damn cheap, I just bought one simple T-shirt from it. LOL. Kiam sap ppl is like this one la. Buy also need to count here count there. LOL

I was finding this kind of simple slim T-shirt for long time. MNG one too expensive RM 49.90 le. T-shit only need to be RM50 gosh. Cannot, I can’t buy a T-shirt with that price. LOL. Other cheap one from those boutiques quality no good no good. Thanks H&M.

Well, it should thanks me because I paid for it and it earned wtf.

Look super nice on me right. I know. ^_____^

The end lol.


I veet!!!

Finally, I don’t have misai anymore. I always laughed by the guy friends because of the misai. -_______-

Terribly, the bulu is terrible. A lot weyyy. No wonder the guys will laugh at me and quite long though. o_O

Review: I used it and think it’s quite good. Of course, the upper lips will bengkak like fuck after you veet but after few hours then okay already one. Smells good. And long lasting. One week already, the hair havent grow yet. 🙂

So you can try!



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