2015 Resolutions – Bullshit

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I didn’t make any resolutions for this year. This is because I know I won’t complete the lists HAHAHAH. So I will never blog about resolutions or whatever ‘goodbye 2014’

I was like, seriously it’s just another year ahead lol. What for to blog it out. HAHAHA. I’m so sorry if I offended you. 😛

I never say that 2014 wasn’t a good year or whatever. Just that I don’t think it’s a need to make it big. Guess what I did on new year eve, I SLEPT BEFORE 12AM HAHAHA. Then I over heard there’s firework so opened my eyes for just like 5 seconds and then continue sleep.

LOL! What a peaceful night right? Forgive me la, I just came back from airport that night and I was so tired till this extent. But, busy is good!

However, there’s always one thing that I will never deny it.

God is good!

Thank God. Thank God for what He has done in my life, how he has changed me (I mean slowly, I’m still not good enough lol). Thank God for the best church ever and many many more. Just too much, uncountable. JUST CAN’T STOP BEING THANKFUL!

Instead of making a list of resolutions, I did a “Not-to-do-list”. Let’s think about it, if you never kill your bad habits, it’s always pointless to do a list of resolutions, to-do-lists or whatever shit. How could you complete your to-do-list when some of your bad habits are still stick with you.

That’s why I said resolutions are bullshit HAHAHA! Well it’s true. I believe there’s less than 10% of us who can complete the resolutions right?

So why not just think of another way, do what “NOT-TO-DO”? Then slowly you can achieve what you want!

2015 resolution bullshit
Credit to the photographer who always said something stupid and made me lol

Most importantly, keep positive no matter what circumstances, what obstacles you meet. This is one of the 101 golden rules in life, POSITIVITY CONQUERED EVERYTHING!

Yea, it’s just a short post tonight. Hope you enjoy reading.



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