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By 一月 10, 2014生活, 跟我吃吃吃

Simply loving this picture because of the light ray. :3 And I’m wearing the designed T by my friends! Feel free to visit for more.

December is always my favourite month, has been always, and forever is. 😛

Why? Because it is the most happening month. Long sem break on going and working part time, so is earning money period HAHAH. However, sometimes, I really wonder why I have to work so much. -.- Whereas friends who same age with me, they are enjoying their sweet time to travel around and shopping. Jealous.

And best of all, my best friends who study at Singapore will be backed in Malaysia for their semester break as well! That’s the only time that I can hang out with them, often.

Too bad, I meet up with them lesser for this year, Oopss, I meant last year. Because I chose to work in Penang, instead of Ipoh.

Nevertheless, I will take my time to meet up with them even though I’m in Penang!! At least, I really paid my effort to arrange my time and schedule to back to Ipoh to meet them up. Tell you what, they’re my priority, rank #1 of my friend lists. LOL. I really rejected a few of my friends because of them. HAHAHA.

If you’re my friends, please don’t misunderstand. I appreciate every friendship, just, I appreciate the friendship between they and I MORE – A LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT. 😛 Don’t cry okay. xD

I have solid and simple reasons for doing so.

They’re real and sweet. As simple as that 🙂

I love it we still have endless topic to talk, even though we’re far apart from each other. And, we don’t really keep in touch. HAHAH.

If you notice, yes, there’s only two guys in this gang lol. Actually all the girls treat them as jimui. Any girls’ topic will just discuss with them, without feeling shame. :-p

Mocha that I ordered. Thanks for the swam JJ cafe. :3

And the little ginger breadman doesn’t taste good lol.

All time favourite girls. Missy Chan and Missy Ha. If you’ve been reading my blog, I bet you can recognise these two faces. 🙂



All time favourite SUGAR PAPA SWEET. :3

So I will see you guys during CNY. Please take a good care at Singapore and update more on Instagram and Facebook, so that I can stalk more of you guys hehehehe.

Love xx I don’t need many friends, I just need a few friends who really being honest to me, that’s more than enough.  Thank God for this. BIG BIG LOVE MWAHHHHHHHHHHH.



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