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2D1N @Penang

By 七月 12, 2011生活, 跟我吃吃吃
Beware! It’s gonna be a super duper superb freaking fucking longggg post. 

I wanted a trip with all my babes longggggggggg time ago as I already missed the cameron trip 🙁 . And so I created an event and invited them, thought it gonna be a phailed ones. But in the end, pupu helped me gao dim everything! He’s my God forever♥.

The day before and before, I was so excited about it! I cant wait to bagpack everything and chao to penang. Lolll. Sound ridiculous. No choice, I love my babes too much. xD So took out the old school bag and packed.
Hello, the old oreef school bag. Nvm, it’s still can use. 🙂 Im planning to use it until it officially dead. Heh, Im a good baby girl. 😛  
Worst of all, I dint know what to pack. p/s: It’s been thousand years I never travel with family or friends, either.  Whatever, I just simply picked some clothes and some daily used item. So damn regret that i dint bring my curler. =.= 

Brought along my Banane taipei. 🙂
One Benz, one Wira off to penang right after our breakfast. And here we are. 🙂 
 My pai guat, can you eat more? Thin like a paper.
Suppose the car that I followed reached 1st, as the driver, Yikhoe drove with a speed. Dumb him thought the plan was to visit Kek Lok Si first. That explained why we went up to the hill and went down again. Aiyor. 
Had Penang famous Laksa once we reached.
Actually I think it’s just soso. I dont think there’s any different with Ipoh’s laksa. Even my grandmother’s laksa is way way way better. :-/
Cabut-ing. Omg. The sunshine killed me. :-S
Went up to the hill after that. Kek Lok Si our second destination. Lollll.
Captured around otw. 🙂
My dear was observing the fish with lil boy. LOLLL. 
Have no idea what they are. I never visit temple. I dont even go to church though Im a christian. LOLL. Nvm, Jesus loves me no matter what. I love Him too! Xoxo.
Focus on behind, not my bebe. Some sort like wishing tree?
 The scene. Not bad huh? ignore the haze. Haiyo. Malaysia. Tsk Tsk.
Walk around jump around…
the girls. Love you all TTM. 
My chan bebe. 
 All ladies included him. HAHAH! Nvm la, as long as we love you Sugar!♥

My Ha bebe.♥ My best crazy partner. EAT MORE.

burst face.

I want to wash this wash this. Aww, the threesome always. BIG BIG MUACKS!

Teehee. 😛

Nah, One of the driver for this trip. 🙂

It’s hot like hell while we were walking and how fortune we met a big cooling fan.

What we girls did infront of the fan. I bet the guys were shaking their heads. Lol.

Up to hill with the lil cable car? lol.

Chan bebe loves me much much, that’s why she likes to capture me. AHAHAHA! 😛 

Reached and we saw the big big big GuanYiin Pu Sat. *O mi to fo.

Notice the haze? Oh god. :-S


I love this one. :-)))))

This is what we called, FAT! SHORT! wtf wtf wtf wtf 

The time when we get ready to take photo. LOL. it’s funny, just like video clip.

Chesse. 😀

It’s so empty. 

That’s why I need to sit on it and acc the doggie. No choice I have to become the model 😛 I bet the twins feel like hitting me right now. ahahahah! 😛

Little rest at here. 

I got nagging from her. ‘ni ke bu ke yi tuo tiao ni de shades?’ LOLL. Okay okay. xD

Okay, took off the shades.

Shades together. Brilliant me brought two shades. HAHA!

Group pic. I miss PUPU! 🙁 He’s now in sg already. Nvm, Im coming on aug. Wait for me!

Down to the hill, stopped at the toilet there. 

lil group of us. 🙂

Went down for Cendol and Kuay teow.

Cendol. I dont eat one lor. lol. 
I dint taste any different from ipoh’s chao kuay teow. Only added the lap cheong. Penang’s food make me disappointed.

My silly moii took this. She said she wants the feel. LOLLL. I edited another one. 😀

Checked in @Bayview Hotel which located at Georgetown. I thought it’s a beach resort. Oh yea, I got tembak from everyone when i suggested Eastern&Oriental Hotel. Yor, 6stars mah. 

Okay la. Not bad laaa. Still, E&O is the best lo. LOLL. AWww, I miss the 5 girls squeeze squeeze on a bed. Mwahhhh~

This girl. Due to some reason, I came up with her first. *Cant go up together in a big group. Once she came in, shouted ‘Oh yesss, this is the feel that i want!’ Quickly grabbed out the whisky and sit at there. She wants like those movie or drama feel. Lol. Im sucks in explaination. Okay la, just among of us understand that. xD

Our luggage. 

Spot me. I love to squeeze behind. My face smaller. xD

This is what she wants. Can  you feel it? haha!

Headed to beach after a power nap. 
Where’s my lulu??? 
They love me so much. Always capture my candid. LOL
Cant recall what’re we looking at. LOL.
 My darlingggggggg.
 Teehee. I love to kacau. xD

Texting with someone. Now think think, why i never afraid that my phone will drop into the sea??? Oh my gawd.
this is superbbb!
Teehee. with Gym king my sugarrr. And Paul Frank. xD
I told my bebe, I want a photo that my hair flying up. but phailed. 🙁
My only photo with him before he left to S’pore. I miss you pupu. :’-( cant even say bye to him on the last night, i have to work. And so damn heartache when he sent the text to me. Cries*
Pupu, when’re you going to ‘ohm’ me again? LOL. sounds wrong. Piak*

Pupu said he wants to hit my tummy with the frisbee. xD
Dinner. Near Gurney. =.= No choices. According to the penang langsss, the food is expensive and not nice. but we have no choice. =.=
But, we’re too hungry until every food like very tasty. Hmmm. =.=
Washed up and dolled up. Headed to Mois. 😀 Yayyy, finally a night without curfew. 😛

Enjoyed the night to the max! Danced like nobody business eventhough the club was truely empty. Only few of us on the dancefloor. Nvm! LOL.
After the party, crazy around. Pillow talk with my girls. Cried together until 5am morning and slept.
Gues what, I managed to get up 8am in the morning!!! * Clap claps claps. LOLL. I dont care, I want to play the water sports! Parachute, Jet ski, banana boat and everything.
It’s FUN!!!!! 
Backed after that. Dont even have time to shopping. Aiyor. So damn damn damn regret that i dint buy the Roxy handbag! 40% discount babe!!! After discount only 130++  Why am i so stupid? =.=
Till then. Sayonara. All i miss, the moments that we being together. It might be the last trip for our this big gang. *Tears drop 
I feel thankful to God that giving me a chance to get close with them. They’re indeed good friends. Studies nombor satu *that makes my mum jealous of and always ask me, ‘why are you not even stick a bit of their smartness?’ mum, no choice. They’re genius. Attitude nombor satu. I really love you all.
Time flies without realising. Everyone is leaving for the further education. The 5 toilet bowls will be going sg. Oh my, such a far distance. T_T Anyway, All the best!!! I will miss y’ll. Never forget what you all advice me, never forget everything that we did. Never forget the wonderful memories :’-) You guys leave the beautiful footprints in my heart.
Lastly I love YOU you YOU you YOU  YOU YOU YOU!
I cried already laaa. :-((((((

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