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4 Things To Never Leave At Home When You Fly

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Whether you are flying short or long distance, flying can give two types of experiences to a person; good and bad. People with a fear of flying will find the idea of stepping onto a plane is the worst possible idea ever in the entire universe, while people who seem to have eternal love with the sky will be having the best time of their lives. So, today’s entry is all going to be about preparations.


Preparations are key when you do your flight booking. Preparations are key when you decide which airline you want to go with, be it AirAsia, Malindo Air or MAS. Preparations are key when you decide which OTA to turn to like Traveloka Malaysia, for instance, in order to search for flight booking promotions, like AirAsia promotion ticket or Malindo Air crazy deals. Why Traveloka? Don’t ask, it’s just one of those moments when something just popped into your head at the time, but I heard they’re cool too, they’re cheap and bonus point for that. It’s all about preparations. Here are the 4 Things To Never Forget When You Fly. What happens if you forget these 4 things? Well, I can say the journey will be a crappy experience for you. Let’s get to it!

#1 Passport

Pffttt of course! Who travels without a passport? This is excluding domestic travelling because we don’t need a passport for that. It is quite common for a traveller to forget their passport when they arrive at the airport. The feeling was more than crappy, I can tell you that. It can turn dangerous too if you are on your way back from your vacation. Can you imagine losing or forgetting your passport as you arrive at the airport to fly back home?  Always, ALWAYS keep your passport with you. Tape it to your body for extra precautions (just kidding, don’t do that, unless you really have issues with forgetting stuff, then, I think it’s necessary).


#2 Boarding Pass

This is the same thing as the passport thing. Dude and dudettes out there, you should really take good care of your boarding pass. By that, I mean, have it with you when you are checking in. Print it early on and keep it safe. If you are doing your business travel or anything, you might still need it after you get back. You know the corporate deal, they need to document for financial records/claims and stuff. So, things will run smoothly for you if you have your boarding pass after the whole flight booking process. Keep it with you when you check in and hold onto it for assurances if you need to use it for any documentation or any official matter that may arise.


#3 Pills

Okay, before you start assuming I’m asking you to take drugs or anything, let me clarify the situation. Pills as in any kinds of medication that will help for those having fear of flights or get flight sick easily due to the gravitational effect when you are up on the air. This also includes pills for jet lag. Jet lag is something that really worn out flyers alike, so if you have something that could get the edge of after your long-haul flights, it will keep your happy momentum on point for the rest of the days ahead. For the flight terrors, maybe it will give some sort of comfort to get you through the journey. Oh, we are not talking about the same pills here, okay? It’s general pills and medication that you should never forget when you are flying.


#4 Sleeping Kits

Certain airlines they provide their own custom sleeping kits like a sleeping mask, head pillow, blanket and others. Some flyers might have their own preferences and their own sleeping kit that they cannot sleep without. Do you remember when we all have that sacred pillow that we love so bad and we will go into a crazy apocalyptic tantrum is our parents wash or even throw it out? It’s sort of like that. Sleeping mask, head pillow and a blanket are the essentials you need, especially if it’s a long-haul flight and the night is freezing as Everest. A plus for a comfortable sleep is the earplanes. You know, it’s the thing you wear on your ears when it’s cold and another convenient to that is that it really helps with relieving the pressure in the ears once you take off/land.

Last but not least, I wanna travel with you together more and more. Let’s explore the world together, okay, not the world because we don’t have much money hahahahha!

Till now and then, see ya!


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