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5 Great Tips For Hair Care

5 Great Tips to Have Good Hair
To have a long, silky and shinning healthy hair is every woman’s dream. I know right, nowadays it’s quite hard to maintain the health of our hair, ever since we have to perm, curl, dye our hair for fashion lol! Regardless of whether it’s a trend or not, I understand you girls must be striving for silky and shining hair.

How to get silky, smooth hair is a big question that we have always had, always and always. In this post, I’m going to share with you on the 5 top tips to have smooth, silky, shining, soft, whatever description you can think of lol.

#1 Rinse Warm Water Thoroughly

Beautiful young female taking bath under shower
It’s similar to our face. We need to remove the layer of oil and dirty components that on our scalp for all day long. Oh yea, massage your scalp with your FINGER TIPS, not FINGER NAILS. This is because it can hurt your scalp!

#2 Shampoo & Conditioner

People used to be just pouring the shampoo on their scalp. However, it’s a big mistake that we ever done. We should not just pour the shampoo directly to our hair root. Instead, we should always pour into the palm and form lather, then only wash your hair and massaging.

For shampoo, I’ve been using this Tsubaki new shining&smooth series shampoo from Japan, since 2 weeks ago.
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (6)
It has been serving me good as it has the Camelia Oil, the ingredient that can makes the hair shine from every angle. 🙂

Also, I love the fragrance too!

After shampoo, just apply conditioner on your hair tips to make sure no tangles. Oh ya, apply it on your hair tips only, not root!
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (7)

#3 Hair Mask

Conditioner is just help to make sure there’s no tangles. For hair mask, I apply it everyday for a short treatment. Same thing, apply on hair tips only. Then wait for 10minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly. Make sure your scalp and hair is free from the layer of hair mask.
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (8)

Did I ever mention that? In Japan, Camellia oil has always been one of the responsible for beautiful hair for countries. It has the purpose of keeping your hair moisture and shine.
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (9)

So now you know why Japanese can always have colourful hair because they have the awesome hair shampoo lol!

5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (10)

#4 Leave in Oil

5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (1)Dry your hair with towel, as dry as you can. then apply some leave in oil.

#5 Ditch away hair dryer and comb

One important thing, DON’T COMB YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS DAMPED. Just use your finger swipe it gently, or wait it dry off then only comb. This is because you will face hair loss when you comb your damped hair.

It’s not advisable to blow your hair every single day. Just wash your hair earlier and then leave it to dry naturally. Trust me, your hair won’t be fizzy the next morning. It will be smooth and shinny!

Oh ya, one more amazing thing that I should share with you, I’m really amazed by this series of shampoo where it really did what it promised – Makes Your Hair Shine
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (11)

This is before I use the series of products. My hair looked so dull and don’t even shine out at day time. After using for around two weeks, here is the transformation,
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (12)

I can’t say that I’m having the best hair. But talk about shiny and smooth hair, I’m quite confident with it. Oh yea, before I forgot, cut down the number of times you dye your hair, perm your hair, leave chemical that will damage your hair quality as much as you can.

Disclaimer: Set of Tsubaki Shinning & Smooth Series Shampoo is sponsored by Tsubaki
5 Great Tips to Have Shinning&Smooth Hair (5)

For product info, please visit their official Facebook Page. [Click here for Tsubaki Facebook Page to check out the price and information]

Hope you find this post useful.



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