5 moments when I feel most loved

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I’m inspired by this video that I watched few days ago.

And today I’m going to share the moments which I think I will feel most loved. Im sure that there must be a moment that you felt most loved by your girlfriend and boyfriend, or maybe ‘EX’ despite the person might hurt you in the past. :p

#1 When he tries his best just to make me smile

“I’m satisfied that you smile because of me.”

It is nothing better than a person wanted you to smile so much and he will try his best to do everything (not talking about material goods) but it’s all the EFFORTS.

I think this is the most wonderful thing in the world.

#2  When he tries remember the little things about me

I will never forget the moment when he told me,

“The purpose of I bring you to eat different kind of food is to remember your favorite food and the food that you dislike”

Tell me, who the hell in this world would do this for you? We don’t talk about parents here lol, ofc family will be the one that really know you well lol. But it is really sweet that someone did this to you right? It’s all about the detail and the effort of “want to know you more”.

It’s not necessary for someone to remember everything of yours. It’s not necessary for someone to treat you like princess. But when someone is willing to do that for you, appreciate them.

#3 When he shows off to his friends about me

You feel so sweet just because of he was so proud to have you as his life partner. Don’t you?

Hereby, I would like to tell the girls, if the guys are trying hide you from his friends and family after being so long together. I understand that some couples might do not want the relationship to be publicize when just get started.

However, if you guys have been together for 4 years, and he still dosent want to admit the relationship. Leave the guy. A guy who loves you, he won’t hide.

#4 When he is always there for me

“Just tell me everything. I would listen.”

Nothing is better than he is always there for you. You know who to look for whenever you got problem or things to complaint lol. The best was that he able to give some advise on the issue that you faced, teach you how to solve the problem. Not only help you, but tried to teach you with his experience and want you to be more independent.

I always emphasize that a good and healthy relationship makes you learn and grew to become a better person. It’s both way.

And ofc he is the first person to share your happiness!

#5 Rational

Yes. Why I think rational is one of the things that makes me feel loved?

I hate to see a couple that 24 hours can’t be separated and must do things together all the time. Wtf are you guys seriously?

I’m someone who cares about private personal time. That’s why I definitely hate a guy who is not rational enough, where he only thinks about you and forget about other things

Yes. He should love you but he should not neglect his priority, for example, work and family. I feel loved because I know that this man is rational and mature enough, by knowing how to prioritize his work and family and other stuff, not only about me.

That’s all from me tonight. So what is moment when you feel most loved? You may leave down your opinion at the comment box below! Teehee.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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