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5 things you must know about relationship

By 一月 27, 2015亂亂想, 那5樣

5 things relationship

I really hate to talk about relationship.  But, I’m surprise that some of you who actually asked me to blog about it HAHAH!

I don’t like talk about it because I think I’m suck at it lol! Anyway, gonna cut off the craps and I’m going to share the 5 things you must knows about relationship. Basically, it’s all about my opinions lol. I don’t know if you’re agree with it or not.

#1 Accept the good and bad of your partner

I think it’s important for you to know that, no one is perfect. You have to know that we are only human. I think those who give up the relationship because of the other partner not good enough or etc.

Take a kit kat, and listen to this song lol

Think about it, you are not perseverance enough too, and give up easily? So this is the bad about yourself?

It’s a bullshit when people said that “We are just different person, we can’t be together.” I was like what the hell? It’s obviously that we’re all different!

Firstly, you are a guy and I’m a girl. Secondly, God has different things in store in each and everyone of us.

Each of us has different characteristic and identity. A relationship is always depends on how both side work it out. What you think?

#2 Be honest about everything. OPEN UP

D.O.N.T  H.I.D.E. Don’t freaking hide anything from your partner.

When you’re feeling sad or uncomfortable, just open up and tell your partner! Don’t be a freak that go and tweet or post FB status and trying to HINT your partner what you think.

Seriously, wtf? I’m sorry I really have to swear.

You have your mouth, just open up your mouth and talk la! Communicate dude. Don’t expect everyone can understand you by just looking at your, stupid status or tweet?

Be reminded that human ain’t mind reader. Learn to communicate and take everything up. At least, your partner knows what are you thinking, how are you feeling and ofc, don’t need to play around with guessing game.

You may watch Naomi’s video on this issue. I like her a lot, especially the points she pointed out in this video. When I watch it, I was like god damn, this girl just voiced out whatever in my mind.

#3 Help each other to grow spiritually and physically, a better person

When two person together, it’s important that both of them are growing to become a better person together. Or else, one side will fall while another one is going too far. You need to encourage and motivate your partner to transform, to be a better person. Help each other to get rid the bad attitudes or habits

This is the main thing when you’re in relationship. Relationship is not only about being intimate, being in loved, love your partner, eat play sleep or whatever. It’s all about growing together, take care of each other, motivates and support each other to reach its goals, mission and vision in life.

That, I called a valuable relationship. So far, I never had that. HAHAHAH. How about you? If you found one, congratulations!

#4 Never too close with your partner’s best friend, especially opposite sex.

Seriously, this is no joke. No matter what, don’t be close with your partner’s best friend, especially opposite sex.

Can you try to imagine? If you and your partner’s best friend talking something happily, which you partner totally has no idea what you guys talking. How does your partner think? Probably…

554042725 things relationship

For me, I definitely will walk away and let them talk happily. You will never how awkward it is until you try. But, trust me. Don’t try that. You gonna be miserable. It’s contradict, you don’t know you should jealous or laugh or act like nothing.


#5 Comfortable and be yourself

I need not to explain much on this. If you are comfortable with your partner, you definitely can be the true you, where you are completely comfortable until the extent of

You can dig nose shit in front of your partner.

That’s all from me today. I hope you find it interesting and do drop me a comment if you have any thoughts on it! 🙂 I will go and read them up one by one! Love ya. And see you in next post. Good night.



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