5 Things That Couple Should Not Share On Social Media

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love how advanced it is and how it can connect each of us. I mean it can help us to keep in touch with those friends who are far away from us.

I hate it when people started to abuse the advanced technology, where I often see something that I don’t wish to see. Perhaps I should rephrase it. It’s something that I don’t need to know.

You see, social media is really can be advanced till the extent of, you have no more privacy for yourself.

You can share the things you love. Somehow I think that we all should learn to control ourselves not to share everything. We should protect our own privacy.

Here are the 5 things that I think couple should not share on social media:

#1 Change your status into relationship on Facebook

Seriously, whether you like it or not. I think it’s not good to change your relationship status on Facebook.

What happen IF you and your current partners break up? Change the status to single again? Nah. Especially for those who are yet to have stable relationship, how many times you want to change your status?

Unless you guys are married, then it’s a different story. 😉

#2 Change your surname to your partner’s one

This technically only applied to girls.

This is wtf lo. I’ve seen before no jokes. This is so ridiculous because you don’t even married him yet and why are you changing your surname into his.

5 Things That Couple Should Not Share On Social Media
For what? You are so young and just in the relationship. I think it’s stupid for you to change your surname lo. Childish.  I still can’t understand why people want to do that, after I have been thinking for so long.

I still see some of them who changed their name into same after they attached. Something like “His baby girl”, then “Her baby boy”

Are you seriously fcking kidding me that your name is “HIS BABY GIRL” or “HIS BABY BOY”????

#3 Write the long ass love letter on your status and photo caption to confess your feelings toward your partner

I don’t know about you. For me, being in the relationship is always about you and your partner. It’s not necessary to tell the whole world about you two.

I think it’s important to keep some privacy between the couple. You can share to your family and friends but not the whole world. I think the confession should keep between in you and him, not to let the whole world know. Couple, it’s always you and him/her. Why don’t leave some privacy for both of you?

I don’t know is it only me to think in this way. It’s not good, not appropriate to do that on social media.

#4 Show some too sweet photos

Like this;
5 Things That Couple Should Not Share On Social Media
I guess it isn’t right to do that. You can post a normal selfie of you two. But why you want to post this kind photo? What are you trying to show?

Cannot take something like this de meh? Sweet too mah…
5 Things That Couple Should Not Share On Social Media

I don’t know. When I saw the similar kind of photos, I will feel disgusting and don’t understand why they want to do that. It doesn’t feel sweet at all!

#5 Bring your argument on social media

This is super freaking duper ridiculous and childish.
5 Things That Couple Should Not Share On Social Media
Why the hell you guys want to let the whole world about your argument? Keep scolding each other on social media and it’s really very childish, immature move. Why not settle it at the back end but choose to post it on social media? It will only bring bad impression to people and down grade yourself.

You see, the things that you posted on social media represent your image, your value. If you share something like this, what would people think about you?

Unless you are someone who don’t give a damn shit about how people think about you. I mean, it’s not important but believe me it will affect you in the future.

And, being in love and able to love is the most beautiful things ever. Please don’t spoil the value and beautiful of it by posting or do something stupidity.

This wraps up the 5 things that I think couple should not share on social media. How about you? Do you agree? Or you have seen any other more ridiculous things on social media? Let’s share!


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