5 things to do for a purposeful life

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Living your life with a purpose is crucial.  I believe many of you experienced a ‘robotic’ lifestyle, where you will just keep doing the same thing everyday.  Yes, you have everything that you need, however, you still feel that there’s something lack of.  This is because your spirit is not satisfied.

I did experienced that before.  I felt that my life is meaningless and I don’t know why am I doing this for.  At that moment, I kept thinking what’s the purpose of I’m here on this earth and what shall I do in order to have peace and good life.

Thank God that I backed to church and amazed how God transformed me.  Here am I to share with 5 things that you should do for a purposeful life, where you can live your life meaningfully.

Learn to give

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Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not asking you to give a lot of money to the people who’s in need. What I mean is, give wisely.  Yea I understand, sometimes you don’t have so much money to give.  But, you can replace it with buying food to those who need food, or provide a ride to  friends?

That’s called as giving as well. It’s not something about money, you can contribute what you can.  Trust me, you will be happier.

Learn to forgive and forget

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I need not to explain more on this.  I know it’s very hard to do it, but all I can say is, just do it. No matter what the person did to you, just forgive and forget.  It helps to release yourself from a burden, bad memories.  Let it go, let it be.  You will realise it is the best way for you to have new life.

Learn to listen, speak less

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This world is having too much of negativity, full of rumours, gossips and complaints.  Instead of use your mouth to continue gossips and rumours, we shall listen more.  Listen to those who need help, listen to those who are having problem, talk to them when you have better advice for them.  Or just don’t talk, listen.

“Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (James 1:19)

Listen to people, it’s one of the ways to help people. 🙂

Learn time management

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The first rule for time management – Know your priorities.  It’s important to know what are your priorities.  Then you can arrange your time wisely.  Think twice on what’s the most important for you, what are the things you must do for everyday.  Don’t comes to regret in one day just because you didn’t plan your time wisely for your priorities.

Set vision

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Need not I explain more on this.  If you don’t have vision for your life, it is considered dead.  And you will only live like zombie. Set your vision, short term and long term, chase your dream. Perseverance is needed and don’t give up easily! 




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