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5 Things You Must Do To Maintain A Relationship

By 三月 28, 2015亂亂想, 那5樣

Yes, I’m going to talk about relationship again because I realise you guys like it so much. 😛 And it was drafted so long time ago and I now only elaborate the point that I wrote down and publish it lol.

See how efficient am I. =___=

Okay. Come back lol.

I was once over heard a conversation, Should the person give up the current 8 years relationship because he fell for another one. And I also came across a quote something like this,

“When you fall in love with the second one, choose the second one. This is because if you really love the first one, you won’t fall for the second one.”

You might think it’s quite true. But I think it’s a bullshit. C’mon la, not tired one meh? Have to start all over again lol.

To fall in love is a decision. To fall out of love is a decision too. It’s your decision to stay and maintain the relationship. It’s also your decision to call off the relationship.

People gotta know one thing, life is all about making a decision.

I know what are you going to say. What if I really lost in the relationship, what if I really feel tired with it. Well, make it clear now. This post I’m focusing on the issue where you are in the dilemma, Should you give up the current relationship and go for second person.

Other matters, I will talk about them in the next blog post 😛 So stay tuned.

And my answer is always NO. Why should you give up the current relationship where it has nothing wrong and goes pretty good. Okay la it’s still depends on what issue. But anyhow, I think you should try to solve the problems and maintain it.

Told ya, it’s a decision. If you really try your best, it’s still not working, then it’s a different story.

So now let me share with you the 5 simple tips which I think you guys need to do in order to maintain a relationship. Not a pro, but just sharing some that I think it’s useful.

#1 Transparency

Be honest. Remember the 5 things you must know about relationship? I mentioned about it. It’s very important issue for a relationship. You just have to tell everything and confess everything. Don’t freaking hide.

If you don’t like your partner to behave that way, or whatever shit. JUST TELL!
If you are not happy or sad or too happy or too excited. JUST TELL!
If you are angry with your partner and feel like crying. JUST TELL!

As simple as it, ain’t no time for guessing game yo! Friendly reminder, we are just human and we can’t read people’s mind.

#2 Separated for Good

C’mon, don’t freaking stick with you partner for everyday. Give each other some personal space la. Everyday dating, not boring one meh? Why I think it’s important. It’s good to be separated sometimes, give each other some time to do their own stuff, own devotion or maybe more?

To be honest, I don’t think it’s good to have dating everyday. I don’t know, I just feel that some couples wasted too much of time on dating and didn’t focus on their vision. Unless both of you have the same vision and do things and work towards it together, then it’s a different story.

To summarize, separate for good. Don’t always dating lol!

#3 Be informed

Always have the courtesy to tell each other about your agenda. Nah, not really agenda. In other word, report, especially when you guys are separated. Erm, it’s not controlling. It’s your responsibility to keep each other informed.

What if suddenly you have a plan, like go clubbing with your brother or sister or whoever? Don’t you think you have the responsibility to tell your partner that you are going to club?

Nah, just kidding. Go clubbing without me? Want die? LOL

Just have the courtesy to text or call each other, no matter where you are going, what are you going to do. C’mon it doesn’t really cost you much right? Nowadays we have internet, whatsapp, snapchat, whatever chat. It’s so hard for you to do that? No right?

Why be informed? Do you know how scary it will be, if your partner “disappear” just like this, out of nowhere, you have no idea what is he or she doing? You don’t know what happen to them. Then you keep calling and texting but nobody answer, that’s the worst thing ever.

In the end, your will worry about your partner right? Be considerate, stand at your partner’s perspective to look upon it, no matter what.

#4 Good night call

I don’t know. But I think it’s important to have pillow talk before sleeping lol! I think it’s best comfort for the girls. I don’t know about guys lol.

Don’t you think it’s sweet to talk to each other before sleeping? Don’t need to be long, just 5-10 minutes? It’s more than enough.

It’s important because it’s the time where you guys can comfort each other and sweet talk. Let your partner know that you appreciate him or her. This is the time where you can be honest to each other too, maybe your partner did or said something before that, you can take this opportunity to advise, confess.

I guess it’s important because this helps to reflect each other, on the attitude or thoughts. As I mentioned in the last post (Read 5 things you must know about relationship) it’s important to help each other to grow and learn together.

Right? Got point right? Please ar, don’t give excuses like phone call is expensive. You can facetime audio call babe. =___=

Of course, saying “I love you” too. 🙂

#5 Create sparks

I understand that you might get bored with the long term relationship. But it doesn’t mean that you need to find a new relationship. You just need to create sparks for it.

Vacation is the best for the couples to restart the engine lol. It’s the time where you guys can relax and enjoy yourself. Or some little sweet surprise, if you like surprise lol.

Or maybe some little sweet action such as cook for your partner if you don’t usually do, buy your partner useful gift (it doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive one, USEFUL, maybe like underwear lol) or just hang out to the old places where you guys know each other, reminiscing yo.

That’s simple. It’s not very hard to do that, it’s always your decision to do it or not.

Actually I have more points to write, because it is categorized as “The 5 things” So I can’t write more HAHAHAH. Next blog post 😛 Got episode one okay. And I’m sorry with the wordy post, because my personal laptop is dead and all my photos are inside there. I had already design nicely for every graphic! -__- Next time should have back up all in Google drive. 🙁



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