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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Alone

By 三月 22, 2015亂亂想, 生活, 那5樣

When talk about alone, most of people are afraid of it? I’m very particular on my alone personal alone time. This is the time when I usually hate to answer phone calls and etc. So I normally I won’t pick up unless they call me more than thrice. Or else, I don’t allow people to disturb my time.

It’s not weirdo or what, you just need to have that particular space for your own, sometimes.

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People often taking being alone means lonely. No, being along doesn’t mean that you are lonely. If you still haven’t try to be alone sometimes, you should try it out because:

#1 Independent

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This is the thing that you will learn when you’re alone, definitely. We tend to depend on others much, can’t blame, this is human nature. But, we should always schedule some ALONE time with ourselves and do our own things. Eat alone, shop alone and wherever you could go.

You will realized that you can do all things by your own. You will be amazed by yourself lol.

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It’s because you are being forced to make decision for your own when there’s no one else. And this leads to the second point below

#2 Keep Your Mind Clear

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We always tend to look for opinions or how people look at it. Think twice, you ain’t live for others. Why should you ask for opinions on what you want and need? When there’re someone around us, we dare not make the decision because we care on how others look at us. But life shouldn’t be like this, you should write your own story.

When we’re alone, our mind are clear, without any opinions and suggestions from our peeps. For an example, why I prefer shopping alone sometimes? It allows you to make a decision to buy or not to buy. When you shopping alone, you plan the time and go into whatever shop you likes. You don’t need to tolerate with others.
the light bulb penang  (16)
When you have plenty of time, you will tend to think wisely (I guess LOL). You will take the time to do survey and think if the thing that you are going to buy is your priorities? Or is it unnecessary?

#3 More focus. High Efficiency

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Hey, just admit that. When you are hanging around with your friends, or do things together, I’m sure the productivity is lower. 😛

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to put the blame on friends. I love my friends too! Just that, you will do your things more efficiently when you are alone. This is because you can be more focus.
the light bulb penang  (6)
I don’t know about you. Whenever friends are around, I love to talk to them and have fun with them. That’s impossible to focus fully right? Just admit it, most of the time we will just keep talk non-sense and make fun around ahahahaha! So I guess it’s good to be alone when comes to serious or urgent work.

#4 Do What You Like – Relaxing

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Needless to explain more on this point, you can do whatever you like to do when you are alone. No one disturbs, no one bothers. You are in your own world. 🙂 When you are doing things you like, you are relaxing yourself from those stupid stress. Trust me, it works.

#5 It’s okay to be alone

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Alone gonna make you okay with being alone. It’s normal to be alone. You’re not gonna freak out by being alone.

So have you alone?

Btw, the pictures that I inserted in this blog post. It’s one of the night that I went out with best pal to do stuff togehter lol! Basically, I just brought my camera and snap around. Learning how to utilize the function of my camera 😉

If you wonder, it’s The Light Bulb cafe. I personally like it so much because the ambience is kinda suit me. Peace, calm and serenity. But I guess it’s because of weekdays, not sure how’s the crowd of weekend.

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  • Reload Food 說:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Listening to Lonely – Akon song while replying this post~

  • KM 說:

    Aloha Ms. Chang,

    KM here. We’ve touched base a bit on fb previously where you helped me connect with the sales team. So thanks for your help again.

    Thanks to fb I noticed your blog URL, so be ‘kaypo’ check you out. Wait… you have been blogging since 2008?! That’s pretty impressive (I wonder what was I doing at your age).

    Between, I like the minimalist design of your new site where the overall layout looks clean and the content is easy to consume. hmm, except the top image looks quite scary when stare at it.

    OK cut the crap.

    I didn’t go through all your posts but I like what you wrote on this one. Probably because I can relate to the title so deeply. You know the feeling like when you wanted to do something different than the people around you or when your views are different than theirs… suddenly you just felt like it’s better to be alone. Or the moment when you no longer want to care about what others think of you anymore, you just quietly walk away and focus your energy on things that matter.

    hah, I don’t want to keep ranting anymore if not this will turn into a ‘karangan’. so I’m gonna end my comment with a quote I always kept in mind and it goes like this…

    “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” –Orson Welles

    Stay healthy (& pretty of course),

    P.S. saw that your birthday is around the corner. ‘sun bian’ wish you happy birthday in advance.

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