5 Top Signs that Show You Are Growing Up

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5 top signs
Obviously, I’m not talking about growing up physically lol!

Life these days has become so hectic that it’s very easy for us to get caught up in just trying to “survive”each day. Of course, it’s not symbolizing as in drinking and eating. The “survive” here is referring to something even more complicated than itself.

People survive for life, to achieve their vision of life, to get whatever they want. However, the most important is acknowledge yourself with what you learnt throughout the “surviving”. What you learnt, and how you transform by applying what you learnt is the thing we should focus on.

Don’t you agree?

So here the 5 top signs that show you are learning, becoming mature and growing up. Erm, in another word, growing old HAHAHAH.


#1 You know your priority

I believe you know about this when you’ve start working or being away with your family, hometown. You know you miss your family. Thus, you will definitely give the time to them, as much as you can.

You know who are the friends who are to meet up with, to spend time with.

You know what is important to you, where you know how to prioritize them.

#2 Embrace who you are

You feel good about yourself. You don’t simply jealous on what people have and you kinda know how to convince yourself, –

You know that’s a reason on why God gave you all this. You know you know, you will be satisfied easily.

And, eventually, you will stop comparing yourself with others.


#3 You look for quality

Everything you request for, it’s all about quality. Even the things you share with your friends, it’s all about quality.

Not talking about the material stuff, but the value and attitude. All you want to learn is all about inner beauty, the right attitude that can bring you far.

Even the things you share on social media also changed to positive, all you want to deliver is QUALITY.

#4 Complaint lesser

You start to know how to change everything bad into a good one. You’ve known that every obstacle in life is a training, a platform for you to polish your attitude.

Even if you want to complaint, you knot the right way to complaint, you know find the right people to talk to.

Seriously, I advise you to cut down writing down the complaint on social media. Not only cause the negativity to flow in this society, also annoyed your friends.

I didn’t notice this until one of my friends told me this and so I’m cutting down. Ain’t perfect yo, still learning and managed to cut down complaint though. All thanks to God and good people around me, who willing to teach me and confront me whenever I did something wrong. 🙂

#5 When your birthday is not birthday anymore

5 top signs
Needless to explain any further, just you don’t feel like make it big anymore. Actually, it’s more to growing old instead of growing up. AHAHAHAH! This year, I don’t even think about where to eat for my birthday and etc.

If not because of my friends kept asking me out for dinner and lunch, I guess I will just stay at home.

Birthday, so what?

So do you agree with that? The points above are purely on what I think, my own opinions. Hmmm, any objections?



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