5 Types of People I Hate For The Rest of My Life

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In life, we always have the balancing point. We have the favourite or the things that we love to do, yet, we have things that we dislike, that we hate too.

Some of you might think that being positive can conquer everything, even the things you hate. However, it can’t be that positive, till the extent of you can love everything, everyone lol! Hate means hate, dislike means dislike.

I believe everyone of you must have something or someone that you dislike or hate right? So here is my hate for the 5 kind of people:

#1 People who are over enthusiasm

It’s good that you are nice, friendly. But it is not okay when you are OVER. I don’t know why I will get annoyed, I was like,

“Damn, can you stop annoy me,”

I don’t know about you but I hate to mix with this kind of people. Because they just don’t fcking care about others’ feeling. Some of us prefer to do everything by ourselves rather than asking for help. And they are the one who love to help people, like to force you to take their offering or favour.

Everything they do will be over until I feel that is hypocrite. I hate it.

#2 People with a lot of sweat and look dirty all the time

I’m sorry if I offended you. I seriously hating it so much that I don’t feel like talking to them. But let me clarify it, I’m not hating all the people with sweat. If you are sweat inside the gym, after execising, after walking under hot sun, after eating hot bowl of curry mee, that’s totally fine.

What I mean is those people no matter what situation, they still sweat like nobody business and look dirty and messy all the time. There are people like this, heavy sweat, shirt wet like as if you are just done bathing, shirt is not tucked when it supposed to and so forth.

Most importantly, they don’t even bother to wipe off the sweat and try to look clean and neat!

I just hate that, especially guy — No matter fat thin tall handsome ugly, once you are sweating all the time, ish. Go away from me.

#3 People who like to control me as they are my father mother ah gong ah ma

Some of the people just like to do some “leadership” by checking out why are you doing this, why are you doing that. Seriously, if it’s about work, I’m totally fine with it because they might have the experience more than me.

But if it’s about my life, why the fck you care so much, and it’s not related with you. The worst thing, they are not my anyone yet they like to control you, as if they are so geng.

Please, keep that for your children but not on others! *facepalm*

#4 People walking without lifting up their sole, dragging..

I guess it’s a need not to mention about this? It’s just so damn annoying that they don’t walk properly, they are dragging their stupid legs. That’s the sound pollution!!

#5 People who have loud breathing and always blow you with their breathing when standing beside you

I think, I don’t need to elaborate on this. I seriously hating on this and normally I will not give face to that particular one. I will just straight turn my body to another side so that I won’t get blown. MAJOR HATE AMONG ALL.

This wraps up the first post 5 types of people I hate. Yea, first post, more to come. I don’t only hate 5 types of people hahahaha!



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