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One of my ‘Not-to-do’ for 2015 is lying down once reach home. This is absolutely a big no. Once you lie down on floor, sofa or maybe bed (which is even better lol), you will sleep and exercise in dreams. So I’ve started to force myself not to lie or sit once reach home from work.

I actually started back home workout routine before christmas, but….. I had too much of good food during the christmas and I stopped again for the routine. Nevertheless, I will keep trying. Failure is the step towards success 😛 So, KEEP TRYING.

But I actually got really motivated after the photoshooting with my buddy. If you notice, all my photos are half body only lol! This is because I have big bottom and thigh. Yea, the hardest part to cut down the fats. So I’m quite sad because I wanted to take a full body length photos. However all failed. TOO FAT.

home workout

Whatever it is lol. I hope I can maintain. Nonono, not hope. Is a must to maintain lol!

And yeah, that’s right! I’m going to share with you 5 Youtube home workouts, which I think these videos are beneficial for you, especially for those like me who are too poor for gym or trainers, either.

1st video

I like this lady a lot lol! The way she talks and how she motivates you keep moving. Her body is definitely so nice and I think it’s really suit to do at home. All you need is just a yoga mat!

Source: 5 Youtube Workouts You Can Do Without Gym Membership.

2nd video

This video I downloaded because it’s all about VICTORIA’S SECRET MODELS! 😛 And also, all the ways demonstrated can be done at home. I suggest you do it on a yoga mat. I actually tried this, just that not doing consistently -_- so I’m still fat.

3rd video

HAHAHA Need not me to mention again. I downloaded it as long as it’s related with Victoria’s Secret Models.

4th video

Fourth one will be the Korean HOT MAMA! Can you believe she already 50?? Maybe 50+ for this year. I not sure how old she is now. But she definitely looking hot!

And she was a fat mama, 70+kg and there’s definitely no shape at all. Imagine she can do it, why not us? (Feeling guilty when I’m writing this line, all because of my laziness)

5th video

After you did this, you definitely tear out LOL!

All above the videos I’ve already downloaded for quite sometime, except the first one. If you realise, the steps are quite similar. Every workout included squat, crunches, leg lift and many more. I downloaded different videos so that it looks more interesting for me and motivates me more.

As I’m writing the paragraph above, I’m feeling guilty like wtf seriously. Coz I’ve been stop for quite sometime because of laziness. So now step out the first step. STOP LYING ONCE HOME

Hope you like my sharing in this post and find it useful! Teehee.



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