A letter to le housemate

By 十月 8, 2012生活

Somehow I wish, he could read this post but too bad… (Fyi, this is for another housemate who is a guy, not my girlfriend.)

Honestly you don’t give me a very good impression because you’re dirty and sweaty all the time. *Major hates.  I hate guys who is always sweaty and look untidy and dirty. Eewww, luckily all my darling best guy friends are clean and tidy. Wtf that’s they can be my best friends right? =.= What’s the point I talk about this? X)

Back to le housemates, I hate you once you used the washroom. I didn’t know how the hell you used it.  The floor was so dirty as if I never wash it for a few days. What you did inside the washroom man???! Wtf was, you made it dirty after I just cleaned the washroom??? Fantastic.  I brushed the floor and the wall and the sink. And yet you could transform a very shinny washroom until dull. Applause.  Serious, I washed brushed until very very shinny! How dirty was it? There’s a lot of dirt on the floor and the sink is yellowish.  And….

Your le fucking brushers were black colour!!!! Until the water that leak from the brushers also black and made my shinny wall dirty!!!

If you get me, the brushers were used to brush clothes one and his already black in colour??? I wonder, didn’t he feel disgusting by just looking at it?? Picture below.


I know I ish too over to post this up.  But how you think about it?!!!! Can’t you just change new one dude? Don’t tell me that a freaking brusher you also can’t afford?

I hate you once again after you cooked. Fyi, he always cook maggi for dinner and I wonder how long could he survive with maggi. =.= You cook maggi not a problem. But cant you just wash everything after you cooked??? And throw away all the unwanted rubbish into rubbish bin which is just beside the kitchen sink??? Every time, I can say every single time he cook, he sure left something for me or le girlfriend to throw or wash. I tested, I just closed my eyes and acted like never see the stuff in the sink and see if he will wash the bowls and pots himself. And nayyy,

NO! He never wash them. He never have the intention to wash it wtf! Until I couldn’t resist to see the kitchen was a mess and dirty and so I forced to help him to ‘take care’ his ‘leftover’ wtf.  Even the 3 in 1 Nescafe plastic bag, is it so hard for you to throw them into rubbish bin. I seriously hate to help you pick them up and throw but I have no choice! I don’t the kitchen in a mess!

Yes, I admit sometime I also be a lazy, just put all the things inside the sink and soak them for a night. But I will wash them the very next day. Can’t you just do that too??? I’m not your maid wtf.

House cleaning, toilet bowl, washroom cleaning all done by we girls. Can’t you just help us by keeping the house clean??? Every single time, when both of us went back to hometown and he was the only one who stayed in penang, the house will be in a mess. When we came back wtf, du9lan. =..= Seriously, the floor was so oily, toilet, washroom and everywhere also dirty one! Except our rooms because he never enter wtf.

And you fucking helmet, can you just put it in proper place but not the sofa??? The sofa is for our butt not your helmet wtf!

I hope that he still remember he still owe me 5obucks for the grocery shopping one.. =.=

The end.



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