A little trip with babes !

By 七月 20, 2011生活
 Curled up. 🙂 but messed uup also. =.=
We planned a small trip to tualang just to have seafood meal when we were chilling at Starbucks the other day, since everyone was craving for seafood. And so, plan on.
Thought of going out with my curled hair. But see see, the hair looked messy. So washed it away. Wondering, why I can do so many things in just one hour time. Loll. Brilliant. xD
Well, after prepared, I waited for my babes for quite some time. Loll. If its my pupu be the driver, Im sure the one who got late then at last he has to wait for me, then I die kaw kaw, coz he doesnt like peepo to be late! lol.
Like finalley!
Our dear lulu was the driver for that day. Lollll. She was taking Pupu’s job to fetch all of us. xD
and this is my pretty darling. Need not to intro right? She appears in my blog always. LOL.
Mr Oh Chee Liang. Wo men de Liang gege. xD
I requested her to put a cartoon on my face. Looked cacat that day. :-/
Reached Tualang. Had our breakfast lunch and dinner at Restaurant Yew Kee, which recommended by Chan papa.
pek pok pek pok. cant stop talking.xD
And it’s quite empty. 😀 Happy! We’re like the one who reserved the whole restaurant. LOL.
See, my pale face. With Sugar!
 The three peepo. Liang gege, can you smile abit? Aiiyor.

Shu miao. I dont know what it called in eng. lol

The butter cream prawn. Hmm, the prawns too small le. :-/ not really happy with that. xD

Steamed prawn. The colours look nice right? But the taste is so bad. Yii, dont order this if you go there!

Oh Lala! 😀 Very tasty. 

Here come the fish! Bak Su Gong. Awwww, so fresh huh? Thumbs up!

kekekeke. Here come my favourite of all. My CRABSSS! LOL. Cooked them with salted egg. Argh! Very hungry now. ==

Order another Taofu since everyone is not full yet. Hmm, we had our meal with relaxing mood, slowly, enjoying. :-))

Before we asked for the bill, we’re guessing how much we have to pay this time. I assume 300+. Surprise!
This is so freaking fucking cheap!

Headed home after that. 🙂 There’ll more small trip coming! Stay tuned.

It’s already two nights that we talking thru Skpe. Lol. Need to practise. xD. As everyone is leaving soon. We need to practise how to keep in touch with everyone during our uni life.

And these two were taken ytd when we’re talking about the taiping trip. We have dress code for this time! So peepo. Stay tuned. 😀
Jumping Jumping for the taiping trip!!!
btw, babes, can we eat less for that day? Lol. I almost broke already, wallet is going to be empty xD

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