Hello, How Are You?

about nicccchang.com

I’m Nicole (Call me nic or chang chang lol, the nickname that I usually got from my friends), an Aries baby who is enthusiast/care free/crazy/food lover currently living in a small island, Penang.

I started up nicccchang.com as my online diary since 7 years ago. I used it to jot down my daily boring life and yet, I’m glad you are here to join me and stay with me. Thank you so much for that!

As soon as growing up, I realised that I have to do something big with blogging. Shifting my main objective to share the things that I love and I think they might be useful for you as well, rather than just sharing the things happen in my life! Also, I hope to deliver some messages that is related with positivity to this world (too much negativity in this world and I think we need more love and power of positivity!) I hope I can help you feel better about yourselves and more self confident too!

And yes, I do work with brands and share some sponsored posts or affiliate links too! BUT – I will never ever advertise something that I do not find good genuinely. I would say most of the product reviews, I do use and test it on myself before I share, this is to make sure that it’s personal to you. I mean, you need the real information, honest review before shopping or using anything right?

This is what will I hold on – My principle as a writer or blogger.

Last but not least, million thanks to all of you who always share your sweet comments, nice words, encouragement and also interesting opinions! Much love. xx

God bless and always remember – The Best Is Yet to Come.