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bliss (10)

Before this, I need to put a disclaimer, in case some of you who thought that I’m so freaking vain until that level.

I’m not naked in below photos LOL. Because I’m wearing the tube top above and photos all focus on face. So the photos look like I’m naked.

I don’t know about you. For my skin, I can’t really stick to the same products forever. Maybe I’m growing old and hormones change, skin hormones change. Thus, I have to change the whole series of skin care products once in a long time.

I’ve been stick to Hada Labo for 2 years? But then I realized that the products started to work not-so-effectively on me. Hmmm, how to say? Skin is getting dry and dry and a lot of small little pimples pop out which I don’t have these kind of problem all the while. So I believe it’s time to change the products.

When comes to skin care products, I’m very picky on it. I don’t simply choose them because my skin is super sensitive. Once used the wrong one, my face will be gone and will need a long time to cure. NO, I’m not going to let it happen to me. So I do research on it. After reading all the reviews and information, I decided to try on Aiberia from Taiwan.

The multiple set that I’m using is more to pores problem. So if you have any other skin problem, please consult them before you purchase.

aiberia skin care (4)

This set included 北之薏仁洗面乳 Cleanser, 毛孔精华素 Pore Minimizing Essence & 玻尿酸水凝霜 Cream

Let me show you the steps of using these products, whilst introducing them as well.

aiberia skin care (7)

The face was so oily after a long day of class. Before that, let’s clean our face with the makeup remover. It’s my habit, even without makeup, I will still clean my face with makeup remover before cleansing.

aiberia skin care (13)

Done, here we go the naked face! And we can do the cleansing now.

aiberia skin care (1)

北之薏仁洗面乳 Cleanser (RM39).  It contains Job’s Tear of the North (北之薏仁) , the seed extract, contains abundant protein, vitamin B1 & B2. Other than that, it contains  Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (氨基酸介面活性剂) which helps to lower the stimulation/zero stimulate to the skin and provide gentle & mild cleansing to the skin.  It also reduces dryness and tightness to the skin after face wash.

And yeaaa,  if you can feel tightness to the skin, this means that the cleanser is too dry for you! Some people think the tightness of skin indicates face is super clean after washing. No no no, please get it right now.  IT’S TOO DRY, NOT CLEAN.

The bubble net which is come together with the cleanser, it is for creating bubbles, which enable deep cleasing to the pore.
aiberia skin care (9)
Step 1 Wet the net and your face as well. lol

aiberia skin care (10)
Step 2 Squeeze the amount of 5cent of the cleanser onto the net.

aiberia skin care (15)
Then RUB IT! And the foam will be created.
aiberia skin care (11)

Step 3 “Pull” the foam
aiberia skin care (16)

aiberia skin care (17)
Amazing right?? So much foam!

aiberia skin care (18)
Then you can play the foam on your face. HAHAHA. Sorry if I frightened you up 😛 Disclaimer: The foam was actually quite a lot at first, and it dried up in this photo because I retake this pose for like thousand times LOL.

aiberia skin care (19)
Tadah, we have the clean face now, without the tightness of skin. How fresh! :3 I love the cleanser so much as it really clean away all the oil and dirt on my face without feeling tightness of skin.  My face was so soft and smooth after cleansing.   You know, some of the other cleansers don’t really good enough and leave a layer of oil on your face 

Step 4: 毛孔精华素 Pore Minimizing Essence (RM72)
aiberia skin care (3)
It contains Mandelic Acid that doesnt irritate sensitive skin, recovering smooth and luminance; Hazel Extract which ease inflammation, soothing and tighten pore effects; Oleanolic Acid that helps cutin renew and clean clogging pores.
aiberia skin care (6)

aiberia skin care (21)
Apply the essence on the area where the big pores appear and nose,  photo emoticon27_zps4b78fb13.jpg (I’m so hating the blackheads on my nose). It helps to reduce the pores and the growth of the black heads. Please note that it doesn’t help remove black heads completely but reduce the growth and tighten the pores.

I have been using it for around 2 weeks. Black heads are lesser compare to last time.  For the pores, I still don’t see any effect yet because it needs around 1 month as I’ve been told.  Anyway, the essence is in cream form and don’t worry, it’s not oily.

 I will update again for the pores and show you the result of using this essence. 😀

aiberia skin care (2)
Step 5: 玻尿酸水凝霜 Cream (RM85)

It contains Sodium Hyaluronate (玻尿酸 ) which helps to lock all the moisture to the skin, restore moisture and instantly nourishing deeply dry or aging skin. It is water-based so it definitely a good absorption for your skin.
aiberia skin care (22)

aiberia skin care (23)
Use the spatula provided and grab an amount of it.

aiberia skin care (24)
Then apply the cream on your face and then compress your face gently. LOL. Photo above is exaggerated, I don’t really compress my face into this. HAHAHAH. Just gently, treat it as if it is your baby.

This Sodium Hyaluronate Cream is awesome. The best moisturizer cream that I ever had so far.  Because the cream has the cooling effect! Serious one, you can feel the “coldness” when you apply it.  After applying the whole face, I feel my face is so bouncy and smooth and shiny.

aiberia skin care (25)
Now I have doink doink skin

aiberia skin care (5)
Thanks Aiberia for the products and I think I will stick to their products for now and gonna purchse their toner after finishing the current one! Teehee.

I’m now in love with the Aiberia products now because they are really awesome and I definitely feel good after using them.  Most importantly, my face is soft and smooth nowadays. Okay, maybe even smoother than before. 😛

For more information, head to their official website http://www.aiberia.com.my/ and you can straight purchase through the website as well!

Even the famous 女人我最大 show recommended Aiberia. Give it a try perhaps? If you are looking for skin care products.

Hope you find this post helpful. Teehee.



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    Thanks for sharing. Lately my skin not listening….thinking of researching other products and slowly switch back to SKII. Came across your post. Appreciate your sharing. Hope are you are still attached to this product. I have Pore issue very much hormonal and lifestyle driven and had tried many kinds including fotona laser, SKII pore minimizer for few years and and a long time fan of SKII for 10 years but pore not getting smaller though the skin tone gotten bringter, also had tried Clarins double serum for 4 years but only to make the pore looked bigger in fact though laser did really worked on lightening the pigmentation to almost invisible. But biggest concern is my pore. I don’t trust laser anymore. Anyway. I am glad your website is part of my research. Cool. Cheers.

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