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Hello hello! Just try to update more because I have wifi at home. T____T

Ze girlfriend and I decided to cut the damn Streamyx simply because it is too damn expensive for us. Yea, we are poor. Also, since we have data for our phone, so just connect it when we need lol. But, normally if I want to blog or assignments, I will go down to the cafe and camp there to use the free wifi. -___- coz har, 3GB of data drained very fast if I turn on the personal hotspot…. So I rather camp at the cafe for whole day lol.

Okay, I can be more concentrate for my work as well coz not in my cozy room. HAHAHAH! You know what will happen when you do work in your room. End up lying here and there and fall asleep. Then the end of the story lol!

Just a simple post today – Post up my #ootd photos that I accumulated for a week plus. HAHAHA! If you are one of my followers at Instagram, yea you have seen them all lol. Actually, my #ootd-s totally not impressive at all lol! Just singlet shorts and skirts. All the casual one.

This was taken after home from photoshooting. Kinda like my fringe length now coz it is a little bit of wavy. :3
ootd  (3)

#1 Top from H&M; Bottom from Brand’s outlet. HAHAHA! Both of them so freaking cheap so I bought. 😛

YAAA! Finally H&M is here in Penang lol! And I super love the fitting room of H&M. 😛
ootd  (2)
#2 All from H&M. But I didn’t buy the yellow skirt at last coz I think it’s kinda hard to match coz it’s neon yellow. T____T I really loving the colour so much.

And… ignore my flippers please lol! Kinda lazy to dress up so cin cai la. Wear flippers to Paragon LOL!

ootd  (1)
#3 Exactly what I wore to Paragon. Sorry, I’m really lazy. 😛 And I found a way to make your legs looked slimmer and longer infront of the mirror. HAHAHAHA!

ootd  (6)
#4 Another one in the fitting room lol! Just really obsess over singlets. :3 The tiffany singlet very nice hor? But I didn’t buy at last. -.- In case my mum scold me for buying so many singlets.

Hereby introduce you my another favourite online blog shop — Febraury Dolls. Below is some ootd-s that matched with apparels that they sent me :3

ootd  (4)
#5 ootd to church! Cropped sweater from Februarydolls; Blakc pants from Mummy queen. 😛 Super love the colour and I know you love it. Heheheheh.

ootd  (5)
#6 Denim Flare Skirt from Februarydolls; Top from H&M. The skirt is just so adorable and it covered my weakness too, if you know what I mean. 😛

ootd  (7)
#7 Top from IHF(Malaysia); Houndstooth pants from Februarydolls. I was kinda afraid, when I received the pants coz it looked damn small. I thought I couldn’t wear it but thanks God, it fits me nicely :3

Oh yea, February Dolls is on Instagram (@februarydolls) too! Remember to follow them to have their latest update for apparels! Like their Facebook Page as well! :3

So yea, that’s all for this post. kthxbai for reading! Mwah!



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