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Hello loveliness! How’s your day?
back to life  (13)
The long time no see OOTN picture. HAHAHA. Maxi dress from aspoonfulofclothes. Thanks dear for sponsoring the excellent quality pieces. Head to the website for more choices. Did I ever mention that? the price is definitely affordable! xx

So here comes the end of my working period. I gotta stop because of the “love letter” from uni, that I gotta enroll a special semester. Yea, purposely enroll two months earlier because of Malaysian Studies and Moral.

And I seriously frustrated that why can’t I just take these two subjects during my official semester (which is around March to June). They explained that these two subjects are offered by Government so we must follow the schedule that they have given to us.

So thank gov, that I gotta sacrifice my two months holiday and my two months salary because of these subjects.

For your information, these two subjects are compulsory, or else I cannot graduate. So this is Malaysia. T_T

Okay, from another way, I DON’T NEED TO WORK ANYMORE LOL! I know I’m a bitch here hahaha!

Anyway, I learnt a lot from the working experience this time! Teehee. I’m glad that I did not waste my holidays! And,

I’m seriously offended when friends said that I wasted my holidays by working, but not travelling and have fun around.

It’s very insulting.

Dude, I’m not as rich as you. I don’t have extra money to travel now. Please don’t said it that way, that I wasted my holidays. I can comment that you’re wasting your holidays by having fun around, but not learning too right?

Please stop saying that life is still young and you can work very long time. You have the money I don’t have. So please shut up and stop giving all these stupid comments.

Hmm, not going to write the long grandma story on what have I learnt. Overall, I’m thankful for the good environment, friendly colleagues and customers. Teehee.

Here is some pictures for the lack of updates for the past few months. I meant, last year and recently activities lol.
back to life  (7)
Farewell dinner for Rachael. Yes, the whole company invaded Italiannies lol.

back to life  (11)
The temp staffs rocks. Lydia and Catherine.

back to life  (12)

back to life  (8)
Yours truly and Catherine, the fen chang. HAHAHA!

back to life  (9)
Temp staff’s first outing! From the left, Andrew, Justin, Justin’s sister and Catherine. So boring la her face. HAHAHA. Coz I see her everyday, everyday, everydayyyy.

back to life
Temp staff’s steamboat gathering. Teehee. So much fun at our territory. We definitely had the best night ever. Laughed all the way while we were eating. Chor dai di after eating, until midnight. Wah, life like this. :3

back to life  (14)
Andrew’s birthday celebration. Happy birthday Andrew gor gor!

back to life  (3)
New Year Eve Countdown. 🙂

back to life  (5)

back to life  (17)
The pretty girls of City Harvest Church. XDD

back to life  (1)
Chillax at Behind 50, Love Lane. Thanks Chuan for the photos, and above photos as well. HAHAHAH!

back to life  (16)
Breakie at the famous cafe, Toh Soon Cafe, which famous with the Kopi O, roti bakar and half-boiled egg. Kopi O is good according to the coffee lovers. I don’t take coffee. For the food, I think it is over-rated. Maybe just because Head of Penang Lim Guan Eng visited this place before?

back to life  (10)
Sing K. Yea only four of us. And I was the diamond among rough. X))

back to life  (2)
The pregnant photos. -___-

back to life  (18)
Dinner at Kafa Airport. Let me tell you, this is the best smoked salmon sandwich that I ever had lo! The smoked salmon so damn thick and many pieces lo. Another chilling night with my best advisor lol. Heeeeeeeeee.  :3

Nothing much for this blog post lol. Just posting pictures for you guys to see.

I will update again! Don’t leave meeeeeee.



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