Ever remember the first day of meet up with this girl?

Here we were for the second meet up! And this time plus a little girl with us. 😛 This post should be posted up long time ago but I dragged until now. SORRY! I’m too busy for assignments and these series of photos was hide in somewhere else and I didn’t notice about it. LOL. Seriously need some time to clean my laptop already. Especially photos. ._____.

Say Hi to little Kityi. I know this girl through working at bnb. So actually I should feel thankful to bnb because it brings me a lot of friends. LOL.  -________- I’m in the love-hate relationship with bnb.

We decided to head out and have some gossip session. You know girls never hate this. LOL. And har and har, Kityi super 交友广阔 so she will know most of the latest news. LOL. Yay!

Had our brunch at MP steamboat and then headed to the Starbucks which was just done its renovation. Well, not that bad. :3 At least, more decent environment compare to last time. LOL

Pattern pattern.

Chienwei moi finally tied up her hair. Don’t worry you look good when your hair is tied up. Hehehehe! And no fat la pls!

With little Kityi.

So I’m the oldest among them. .______.






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Lastly, #ootd picture. HAHAHA!

Till now and then, can’t wait for the next outing with them. Next Friday come faster, if you know why it is so important 😛 . Realized that I stick to girlfriends more after being attached. :3 Good good good. Hehehehe.

Seriously ar, I won’t out with guys alone anymore lo. Unless it’s really for something urgent and important. I think it is over right if you’re still going out with guys alone and imagine how would your boyfriend feel? Just imagine laa, your own boyfriend go out with whole bunch of girls. ._____. I think I die already. LOL. So guy friends please don’t ever complain me! And I definitely won’t say sorry coz I think it’s my responsibility to care the feeling of my boyfriend.

I just appreciate him who really really loves me and cares for me. July!!! Teeeheee.



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