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Be grateful #2

So another post to show my gratitude. I did my first here. Seriously I love my life!!! Keep thinking positive and good thing will eventually comes to you. This is true, a fact which you never can deny it. 🙂

I always believe that God is the one who made my life ups and downs. Downs for me to learn everything, learn how to be strong and tough; Ups for rewarding me for being strong. HAHAHAH! Wtf am I talking here? LOL.

I’m very happy la honestly, with all the things I have now.

I have a sweet family, sweet mama and sisters who are always there for me. Family is always the first in my heart. Without papa and mama, I won’t be here. Thanks Mama for educating sisters and I since we’re young and teaches us how to behave and all the manners and how should we overcome some issues. Thank you for being patient with us, the things that you teach us we keep forgetting BUT you will be nag and nag and nag. 🙂 Thank you for not giving up on us, especially ME. 😛 Because I’m the most playful among the sisters. 😛 Can’t blame, I’m being different with them. Ahahahah!

And also not to forgetting about this little baby girl at home. She is really a darling. Kisses for her
Life is always fulled of surprises. Sister and I always wish to have a nice dog, not those sang ji dog. And then here comes her friend’s mother who is so kind and gave us this baby. Though the combination of hers is a bit weird, Tze shuh and chi hua hua. Nevertheless, she is adorable especially when she comes and sleeps with you and licks you all the time!

But the one thing that I hate her she always wakes me up from bed. LOL. She hates to be alone so every time will bark at me who is still sleeping at upstairs. In the end, I’m forced to wake up to let her sleep with me.

YOU KNOW HOW NOISY IS CHI HUA HUA!!!! Her voice is chi hua hua’s.
emoticon (15)emoticon (15)emoticon (15)emoticon (15)emoticon (15)emoticon (15)emoticon (15)

I have a nice temporary job for now. Waitress at restaurant and bistro. 🙂 With highest salary offered in Ipoh town, the best working environment ever. Seriously better than the previous one. I dislike the previous one because too a lot of ‘fights’ happened among the colleague and so forth. Here, the colleagues are nice and comfy to work with. At least they won’t make me feel hatred except the one who I mentioned earlier!! LOL. But now I some sort like ignore his appearance and position.

我简直把他当成透明. emoticon (5) I’M VERY BAD RIGHT??? LOL

And also all the bosses are quite nice la! Although sometimes they’re annoying because they love to hiam. But I could understand. BOSS ma, they’re the owner of this restaurant and of course they want it to be good so that all of us get money. HAHAHAHA! If I were the boss, I think all the workers can die. LOL. You know I’m ridiculous. HAHAHAHA!

Also har, I’m super happy with the December’s salary!!! Because I took 8 days unpaid leaves and surprisingly my salary is around RM1500++++ Nehhhh, I thought it will be RM1100-RM1200.

Yesterday when I took my salary I was like ‘WAH’
emoticon (22)emoticon (22)emoticon (22)emoticon (22)emoticon (22)emoticon (22)emoticon (22)
Why so much one? LOL. Unexpected#1 Imma happy girl. :3

And also har, I haven’t add those tips that I got from customers. 😛 AHHHHH, uncle uncle aunty aunty I love you guys. HAHAHAHAH! CNY is coming, please prepare a big angpaos for me and I will take from you! Wootssssss!

Not to forget about all those freebies that I stole from there. HAHAHAHAHA! 😛


A big Thank you for my blog also which earned me some side income!!! Big MUACKS to you darling!

So this part I think it will be most interesting one. Honestly, I have been receiving comments, PM, DM and emails asking me how long have I been blogging, how much I earned, how do I get all the sponsors and etc. My answer will be the only one:

Keep blogging.

I have been blogging for 5 years. Since 2008, I started my blog with all those crapping. Well, I read them all back and the posts so stupid funny, indicates how silly was I in the past. Of course I’m not going to delete them as it’s part of growing, how I improve for writing posts day by day. 😀


Laz time I wrote ma post in dis way, 2day iz a gud day. 2morrow wil be another gud day 2. I hope it iz a gud day 4 u 2.

With all the short forms which I think I was so in the trend wtfffffffffff.

Back to the topic, I only started earn at 2010 by joining Nuffnang. I will never forget how super happy, joyful and excited am I when there was,

RM0.20 in my account wtffffffffff.

I was earning RM0.20 day by day and sometimes RM1.50 HAHAHA WTF. Until I meet other bloggers, Tim, Don and many many more. I’m so thankful for knowing them because they really help me a lot in building up my profile in blogging. 🙂 Thank you.

So now my earning is better. Not much, at least can cover my rental fees per month. And some shopping money. No need eat grass. I’m trying my best to be independent now and avoid asking money from mama. Becox we’re not rich and papa and mama have to pay my freaking course fees. :-S

Some events that I attended and meet some beautiful people. 🙂
elevate iiipoh (19)
Elevate event which I went for twice in year. In Penang and Ipoh.

HA2 (40)
Hennessy Artistry. Yea, all the three events from Hennessy I went too. And thank you for the PR for sending the invitation to me each and every time. 😀

I always wanted to join Nuffnang’s events but due to distance so yea. Finally, my first Nuffnang’s events. Asahi bonding moment with Nuffnangers at iDarts.

Of course, not to forgetting all the advertorials and sponsors that I have now! :3 Thank you!
DRMac TryOut pack from Unico Cosmeceutical Industries. Unexpected#2 Just received yesterday.

And also all those
Clothes sponsors.Accessories sponsors .Heels sponsors.Hair Curler&Products sponsors.Domain sponsors.Blog renovating&Wordpress basic knowledge tutorials sponsors

Major thanks to main sponsors: IHF, MultiColette, Pretty Little Things, Hairdressing.my, Innonline Solution, Joshuaongys.com!

A big like for them, I’m seriously love all their products and services.

And many many many more! THANK YOU! I promise I will do all the nice jobs for you guys!!!!

emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)emoticon (11)

Now aiming to have 1000 unique views per day, I’m working very hard on this. Who ask myself not famous enough. lol. Nobody likes me. T_________T

So keep blogging and don’t lose the passion. I believe you can do it one day!!! #positveattraction

Last but not the least, a potato who came into my life. 🙂 Unexpected#3 I never thought of this could be happened seriously wtffffffffffffff. And I know it’s gonna be a long and hard way to maintain. Nevertheless, I will give out my best. ^.^V
Looking forward burning money trip to Kl with Potato. Woots, save money now! Yayyy! Birthday present exchange day has finally come. :3

So it’s potato and tomato. Thank you God for giving me sucha nice potato. LOL. I love you Dear Lord.



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