5 Top Benefits of Having Black Hair

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It’s proven that Mum is always right. She told me that I will regret once I dyed my hair and now bingo. I did regret because my beautiful hair got damaged.

To be honest, I thought I will be looking ugly and kampung with black hair. That’s the reason why I keep dying my hair. However, I got real tempted to do so when I started to watch The Empress of China, where Fan Bing Bing was the main role of the drama.

God damn, she looks damn beautiful with black hair, perfect eyes, perfect lips and face shape!

Beautiful Pose Of Fan Bingbing In Black Dress N Black Hat-720x405

Seriously, I had the urge after watching it and dyed it straightly lol! And find out that there are a few great benefits after owning black hair.

#1 No longer worry about hair root

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Black hair root isn’t a problem for me. I don’t need to feel annoy by seeing different colourssSSs on my hair lol! This leads to next point.

#2 Save money on hair dying

I don’t need to re-dye my hair once there is black hair root lol! You know how expensive is the hair do for female hair?? At least MYR200 for a good one. So it really helps to save a lot of money! Now I can just focus on hair treatment lol!

#3 Black never dies

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Needless to explain, black is always the trend, colour that can blend well with anything! It never wrongs.

#4 Younger face

I actually have some feedback from friends, they claimed that I look younger and polite with black hair. HAHAHAH! I’m sorry that I’m not polite at all! But looking young is good thing 😛

#5 Learnt to accept what I have and appreciate it

Not everyone has the black shining hair, some of them are having blonde hair due to lack of nutrition. And I’m the blessed one to have healthy hair. But I didn’t appreciate it and damaged it before that.
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Now I learnt. Sometimes we don’t need to follow the trend, just be yourself. Wear the confidence, and you will be the trend.



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