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Harlo! So sorry for the hiatus! I was too busy for assignments and my love. 😛

Finally I had the time to update my blog. Do you miss me? I bet you did. 😛 Don’t shy, just admit it!

Another overdue post. I think like three weeks? Seriously don’t have time to blog during these few weeks. The assignments killing me! Never mind, I had already kill them all and temporary can rest a bit before killing another one! Keep fighting! Hoit!

The girls and I decided to dine in at the new branch of Ben’s which located at Gurney Paragon. So dressed up nicely with girls before heading out. So yea, I got complaint from boyfriend again, said that when I go out with other people I curled my hair la, make up so nice la, wear this la, wear that la. But when with him, never comb hair, with spec, no make up, jeans and t-shirt. LOL. I got dressed up also okay boyfriend, just that not that much. Promised will do more when with you?

Heheheh. Seriously can’t wait for July our honeymoon. Gonna fly to Melbourne to visit the boy and travel a bit! By that time, I everyday fashion show already coz Melbourne, not Malaysia. LOL. Hopefully everything goes well. Must be well! Coz I wanna go travel la and so long time never hug the boy 🙁 But count count actually just three weeks since he left. But feel like so longgggggggggg. -___-

Okay getting out of topic. Continue.

Attempted to be centre parting. Not bad though. 😛 I wait my fringe longer then go and blow and make it centre parting. Bored of my hair and I’m not allowed to have bang now. Coz boyfriend doesn’t like, he said I bang that time like noob. -___-

Teehee. The only bracelet I wear now. But kinda scare when wearing the charm together. I afraid I lost it then that time really wtf and damn heart pain and no more present from boyfriend. LOL! So yea, I just wear the bracelet out every day. :3 Only wear the charm when go for dinner or what. Miss the boy so much. :-*

With the xiao jiessss, 🙂

Candid of us. Kinda like this picture. :3

Before heading to Ben’s, we had to fetch this gentleman. Eherm, he is already one of our sister. LOL

HAHAHA! Cannot stop laughing when he was walking towards us and Cath asked me to snap his candid. Not bad, got wind one!!! Ah Ken ar Ah Ken.

So here we go.

The menu.

Me. My hair nice or not. HAHAHA! :-p So everyone is requesting a video. You wait ar, I need to find back my software first. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5! So that I can edit my video nice nice and let you all watch. heeheheh.

So let’s talk about the food. Before this, I heard many bad reviews about Ben’s. But then, since I never eat before and so the girlfriends, so decided to dine in there.

This don’t know what crab. Ah Ken ordered this.

Mine. Pad Thai. WTF smell and taste like chao kuey tiao. When this dish was served, then all of us like, ‘WHY SMELL LIKE CHAO KUEY TIAO???’

So I paid RM20+ for one Chao Kuey Tiao here wtfffffffff.

Girlfriends’. Both of them ordered these. Something like vegetarian pasta.

Caesar Salad. Worst caesar salad in the world.

Black Forest Cake. Not my cake. I always prefer cheese cake. :3

And this written by me. LOL!!!!

Conclusion, I won’t come back here to eat anymore. NEVER. Food sucks.

Chilling around Paragon after eating. Take picture and picture. :3

And hello! LOL.

AAHHAHAHAHAHAH! Thank Ah Ken for helping us took thousand times of picture and carried our bags :3 LOL. Obviously we bullied this little brother but what to do. He willingly one. :3

#OOTN Top from IHF // Red pants from Brands Outlet // Inspired Jeffery Campbell from Multicolette // Studded bag from Alicewonders.com

So not my style because too rocking. Hey yo!!

Mwahhhh. I will blog more. Teehee.

See you in another post. I’m gonna spend time with my boyfriend now. ^.^V Loving the life like this. Every wake up seeing his text and sometime his selca LOL! Improvement, gonna teach him to selca more. And then go uni then keep reporting and keep blow water all the time like what we did last time, as usual. LOL

JULY! I can’t wait! My first oversea trip and travelling alone to there. Er, gotta learn gotta learn everything. :3 Wheeeeeeeee. Winter here I come!



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