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By 九月 2, 2015亂亂想

I’m scared. I actually think it over and over again if I should blog about this topic. But I decided to push on the publish button at last.

What actually inspired me to write about this post is because of my friend’s status.

Yea, indeed. Bersih 4.0 is awesome and I’m amazed by it. But the one thing that I really doubt on, does that really affect N? Does N really aware that that’s a sign.

Probably N will just ignore it or do more dirty cheats? Ever since N could do all the cheats for the election. So does Bersih 4.0 really helps?

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However, I read some of articles that actually answered my question. To sum up, even though Bersih 4.0 can’t really change anything on current situation. Yet it’s a small step for a change. From the Bersih 4.0, we know that there is unity among all the races.

I raised my hands and agree with it.

However, there is something that I disagree for Bersih 4.0, why some parents are bringing their own children (some of them are below 12 years old) to all these rally? Don’t they know that it’s quite dangerous? But whatever, this is not the main focus for this post.

Has anybody really think of it? What if one day, N really got pulled down and what should we do for the next step? My point of view, the first thing we need to change is —

System of Education

All the while, I dislike how people too emphasize on result, the marks and so forth. I hate all the dead system of our education. I hate how teacher force us to write the karangan with those stupid format and how the education insisted us to memorize it and then write it again during the exam.

I hate how education system classify each and everyone of us here, which caused the rate of commit suicide among the students is getting high. I hate how parents show off to their friends that their children got everything for A’ssss.

Seriously, I really think no matter how many A’s you have, no matter how good is your CGPA. Whenever comes to work, you will always need to start from zero. It’s all about experience and skill.

To be honest, I really think that co-curriculum is very important (though I super hate it during high school lol ) but slowly, I understand that the activities that you joined can help you to develop some skills, you will realise that you can do more than that. Besides, you can learn something valuable that you can’t learn from classroom.

Other than shifting focus to co-curriculum from text books, I think we should eliminate all the stupid and dead classroom education. MORE HANDS ON INTERESTING ACTIVITIES. Okay la, still need to attend to the class but with a more relaxing way lo hahaha!

And instead of following the text books, why not  more classes or workshops that can help to develop a skill. I don’t know, some people interested in culinary, in photography, in writing, singing and etc. Okay la, maybe it’s not really applicable to primary school? But I think it can be that direction.

And then I think this can help those who graduated from Form5 to solve a big question:

I don’t know what to study!

Then in the end, for example me. I dont know what am I going to do, I don’t know what am I interested with and I don’t know what can I do. And, because of the financial problem, I don’t have much choice — Form 6. And yea, wasting of time? It’s okay for the time. Worst of all,

I continued to be blur and out of direction.

This is the point. If we can develop some skills or passion at the early age,  maybe my life could be better now? HAHAHAHA! I dont know.

Well, just my point of view. You can agree to disagree, and if you have any comments, welcome to drop it down at the comment box below. Yea yea, no harsh comments alright? We can discuss about it, but not scolding me. Because I’m just giving my points of view. And I don’t think I’m wrong la. lol!

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Till now and then. See ya!


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