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Big Wavy Hair Curls Tutorial Post

So this is highly demanded by you girls. So I did a post instead of video.  At first I thought of posting a video, ended up I’m stupid at editing video and no good software to edit video. So yea, I did a post for you now. 😛 Better than nothing okay. Don’t worry, I will show you step by step.

 First question that you girls love to ask,

“Do you use hair spray or any other hair mousse before you curl your hair?”

I get annoyed by this question actually, which I don’t know why. Hello? When I learned all these, nobody teaches me one le! LOL. 😛

All I could answer is, “Depends.”

Yes, depends on your hair condition. Because my hair is considered thin-typed so it is easier for me to curl up my hair and stay longer time also. Normally my curls can withstand for two days. Stronger than all those flowers which will wilt at the second day you bought them. HAHAHAH! The comparison isn’t right, whatever.

But sometime when I feel my hair, should be my upper part of my hair is flat. I will use Clairol Professional Volumation, Volume Protection Lotion sponsored by hairdressing.my to create volume for upper part of my hair. And of course my curling skill. Hehehehe.

So if you meet me in real life. You will realise my hair is actually flat at the root and BOOM at the end. I don’t know why my hair is so weird. -________-

That’s the reason why I love to curl my hair instead of letting it straight! Most of the time, I’m having bad hair when it is straight. Maybe is because the bleached part haven’t cut off all yet. Hmm..

So here comes the Clairol Professional Volumation Protection Lotion to rescue! *ignore my face behind, I don’t know what am I doing there.

For spraying, I always spray the inner side of my hair so that the hair can STAND UP and HOLD UP the volume for me.

Step 1: Flip your hair to one side and spray the inner part of hair evenly.
Step 2: Same thing for another side.
Step 3: Flip up your hair at behind too.

Yes, I just spray the upper part. Lower part I don’t really spray them as they’re volume enough. So…

Step 4: Just “push”, “squeeze” “grab” I dont know how to explain it. Just do like the picture above to make your hair BOOM!

And now my upper part of my hair doesn’t look as flat as usual. Thanks hairdressing.my for the awesome product.

Now let’s start the hair tutorial by nicccchang.com. HAHAHAHA WTF.

First of all, just divide your hair into two parts.

Get a good, professional curler please! Don’t go and purchase those pasar malam RM30 hair tongs please, later your hair burnt I dont know, you pour water to yourself and save your hair la hhuh. 😛

To get a good curler, you can visit hairdressing.my to purchase your curler. Their websites contain a lot of different brands of hair curler.

So here I’m using my favourite V&G hair curler which also sponsored by hairdressing.my. Indeed a good curler, read my review here why I so in love with this curler. 🙂 And yea, I’m using diameter of 31mm. Big enough to create big wavy curls. And also ar, temperature I will adjust it to 21. 🙂

Let’s start with one part of our hair first.

Step 1: Erm, I don’t know about you la. But I always start from the upper part of my hair first. I feel this is easier for me. You can always clip your upper part of your hair first, and curl from the lower part of your hair. BUT then, I’m so lazy to clip here clip there so just like this.

Curl OUTWARD for your upper part of your hair REMEMBER!!

P/s: Don’t pull the curler until the hair end. Pull it until the half of your hair and then curl then pull then curl then pull curl until the hair end is being curled. 


Step 2: Continue to curl your rest of upper part hair. OUTWARD REMEMBER.

Step 3: Put your curled hair behind. So that it won’t mess up with the straight hair. BUT if you’re pro like me, just let it mess up and you pick the straight hair to curl only. LOL.

Harlo, I started to learn to curl hair since 2011 until now. I think I curled my hair for billion times already. HAHAHAH! Okay, exaggerated already.

So don’t doubt my hair curling skill! LOL. I even helped my friends and sisters to curl before!

Step 4: Curl your lower part of your hair. INWARD THIS TIME. But actually right, for lower part I do it inward and out ward as well. Just curl the way as you like and will make you look pretty.

Step 5&6: Continue to curl your hair inward and outward. In out in out. LOL

Step 7: For this, because my hair is in V-shaped. So this part of hair is shorter compare to others. Normally I will curl it at last. CURL OUTWARD if your hair same like me.

Step 8: Check your hair and curl those which is not so curl and nice.

Lastly, TEAR your curls! Do it the same way for another part of your hair.

And you will get a lovely wavy hair, like mine. HAHAHAH!

Normally, I don’t use hair spray after curling as my curls can withstand for long hours unless my hair kena water then different story. You can use spray after curling but I don’t like the feeling, don’t know about you. LOL.

Even if your fringe is middle parting also match with the curls.

If you wonder my curls after long hours, here you go.

The curls even more natural. 🙂

From far angle. 🙂

So learn something? 😛 Or you want demand another tutorial. Just let me know what you wanna learn from me. LOL! Video, you wait me to find a good software first then I can edit. Make up tutorial? Whatever.

Also remember to check out hairdressing.my to have more hair products, hair mask, comb or whatever. They have everything!!! 🙂

Have a good night.



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