Aloha! How’s your day? Good or bad?

Once again, another overdue post. HAHAHA! Too bad la, I am so busy nowadays! Thanks to assignments! Tones and heavy. Everyday research research research, I think my eyes gonna blind soon. And then all the due dates ar, all BAD TIMING. All comes together one. I wonder the uni purposely one or what.

So now I’m taking a break from the assignments and blog to feed you. HAHAHAHA!

True what, there is another feature writing that I haven’t start a word and I’m blogging right now just for you~ SO GREAT RIGHT? No laa, because thought of I just need vomit 700 words for this feature so should be can finish in two days time. So blog blog laa. XD

Gonna blog about birthday lunch with dear Cassy! This time we headed to Lime Stone Fine Dining to have our brunch. Am I considered as regular customer? LOL. I saw the promotion burrito set meal on its facebook page and see see it is quite worth for it. So we just went for it!

This burrito set meal included free tea with cookiesss. :3

Hi this is the beef burrito. TASTE LIKE HEAVEN. Dont know la, perhaps I haven’t taste burrito that is better than this. So I think so far this is the best lo.

Close up! GOT ASPARAGUS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE. Aiks, you know how expensive asparagus is. So I very appreciate the asparagus one. LOLOLLLL Super love asparagus.

And hello, me with the big plate. LOL!

Cassy the pretty moi. She ordered lamb leg burrito. I didn’t capture the food because it looks the same la. -__-

Enjoyed the meal with her together and chit chat for quite some time. Really happy and blissful la that actually have some girlfriends who I can really mix with. 😛 As in we have common topics and favourite stuff. :3

This girl ar! Made me so damn paisehhh! Still prepare pressie for me. Thank you my dear T______T I must be a very kind person in the past and now I have all the best damn things. :3

Thank you darling! We will meet soon!

So coincident, we wore denim for that day! Nah, we never planned for it. We have fate. 😛 From same boutique somemore, see laa. LOL

Headed to Jusco for some shopping spree! But did not buy anything also la because I wanna save money and the clothes from shopping malls is so boring! All same pattern and so EXPENSIVE and some of them the quality really sucks. I rather buy clothes online. But I already cut down so much on shopping. Wanna save for rental fees, phone bills and etc etc. See la, poor fuck is like this. -___-

She went to trim trim her eye brows.

Thank you for spending the day with me!!! Soon, we gonna have some chilling nightsssss. 😛


#OOTD Denim Top and Black Skater Skirt from IHF (Malaysia); Bag from Charles&Keith; Wedges from Vincci

Need not I mention again? Imma their big fan. Head on to their facebook page for their upcoming collection! All their pieces selling like hot cakes! So better add them into your interest list so that you can stalk them all the time. 😛 I already did it. XD



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