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Seriously, it’s nothing big for me, now. But I think I should blog about it once a year, coz it’s just once a year 😛

Birthday, I thank God that I’m here, in this world to enjoy my beautiful life. I’m so thankful that my parents, especially my mummy has been taking care of me so well. From a baby to YOUNG adult, (I insisted the YOUNG there, I’m a young adult lol) it’s not an easy task.

I don’t know about you, I’m getting bored with birthday, it’s nothing big for me. A few of friends asked me how did I celebrate my birthday. I told them nothing much, just eat and sing K with all the loved one. (The detail I shall blog it out in another blog post because it made me frustrated)

Truly, it’s an enjoyable night with my bff and I hope I did not scare those who sang K with me for the first time. AHAHAHA. You can’t imagine the moment when we sang as if we are the superstar and having the concert. 😛

Of course, thank you for the overwhelmed wishes on facebook wall, whatsapp, twitter, instagram and phone calls. THANKYOU so much and I really appreciate it. Teehee. To be honest, I was waiting my mummy to call me on the day and I was so afraid that she forgot about my birthday (the possibility is very high) and then I would be a bit disappointed if she really forgot about it. Thank God she didn’t 😛 She called me and then as usual, crapped a lot.

Then what surprised me when my mummy told me,

“eh ya, your Ah Soh passed me something, something like swim suit”

I was like what? Swim suit? =.= After that, realised it’s a sport bra. HAHAHA. My mum is real cute.

I was so freaking happy because I really never thought of my all time favourite gang would buy a present for me and surprised me in this way. Okay la, probably I complaint too much that they always not here with me when my birthday and no present LOL.

They did ask me what I want for my birthday. I’m glad because they knew me so well so asked me instead of guess-to-buy something, that I might don’t really like the present in the end.

After what my mum told me, I only realised that I was conned by my sugar papa, on the Sunday =.=
birthday  (4)
This was what he told me and guess what, I totally believed him, that he has the project on hand and I suggested who to ask to help in his project. *face palm

Sugar called me last few days and told me about the story of it. He said that WanWan was so worried that it’s too obvious to ask my bust’s measurement in this way. But Sugar insisted that I won’t know about it because I’m Nicole Chang LOLLL.

This showed that how much I trust my bff lo! 😀 And also, because I never thought of they will buy for me lol, seriously.

And this champion birthday wish from my beloved Summer. This girl whatsapp-ed me in the morning, asked me to check my facebook wall before the day is ended. However, =.= I can’t really see all the birthday wishes on the Facebook wall. So couldn’t find hers.  She insisted to dig out this and threw the link for me and read.  <3  Okay la, she wrote so long, it’s not worth if I did not read it lol.
birthday  (11)
Thank you for enjoying my ‘wat-tat-ness’ and I enjoy your sampat-ness as well LOL. Miss you darling mwahhhh.

birthday  (3)
And the late birthday wish from my younger sister! HOW COULD YOU?! Nevertheless, I still love you. <3

What amazed me was those amazing wishes from other amazing friends. The funny thing is, we are close friends but we don’t keep in touch frequently, just keep stalking each other? And I can feel their love toward me <3
birthday  (1)birthday  (2)
This cute couple wished me and so got the heart! Actually, we just hung out for once but we got the click and I had so much fun with them seriously. Yea, fyi, the picture with Mr Tan Kia Chun was the picture of I cried after the party, he said he must dig out this photo and post lol. Post la post la, as long as you guys happy, I am happy. 😀

birthday  (2)
The birthday nail by my bff! Penang people, you gotta call Get Nailed 0164114284 for appointment!

birthday  (10)
I didn’t even spend any single cent on expensive food. I just asked my bff cooked for me 😛 Isn’t a best damn thing that you have someone by your side and you can learn so a lot from the one? And she is the one, but don’t ever learn her bad things HAHAHAH. 😛 Just kidding.

Life won’t be fun without these awesome people. Thank you for the simple small celebration, next time better don’t off light and sing song for me. I kinda didn’t know what response should I give. HAHAHA

I love to be with them because….. I’m the youngest among all. AHAHAHAH. And being pampered like princess. NO laaa, this is the minor reason. LOL. The most important is I’m comfortable with them and they’re so happening.

And thank you for the big pillow as well. Actually, is I buay paiseh asked them to buy for me one. HAHAHA. Because I need a pillow. Yea I know, I’m very honest. 😛

However, the pillow is too big. But I don’t care I want that casing that has my fragrance. *If you know what I mean
birthday  (9)
Fyi, the pillow case is never washed for one year plus??? Maybe two years, I don’t know. But I just love it LOL.


That’s all for my birthday. Maybe it sounds boring for you, I think it’s good enough for me. I’m satisfied. It’s always great to know that the people you loved, they love you as much as you do. Ahhh, life is good.

Love life! Update soon ya.



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