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Super in love with straight brows recently. HAHAHAHA! I feel myself like a korean after drawing straight brows.

That I’m in the heaven for so many days. Teehee, thanks to the public holidays. Great thing is, my mum changed the sofa, TV cabinet and the living table. Guess what, my mum used RM2, 900 to buy these three lol. Sucha powerful one. I will never forget how she bargained the price with the boss. HAHAHAHA.
My little bebe is there lol.

I know right, the TV should be changed as well. But my mum insisted to not change it until it is real spoil lol. Awww, I’m grateful that I have a frugal mummy. Or else, we won’t survive during the difficult time.

bliss bliss
It seems like a bit weird when I first looked at it. Coz I think the new sofa is too huge lol. But I started loving it now coz I can just sleep whole day when lying on it.

Actually, I have nothing much to write about, I seriously need inspirations to blog. -.- My life is boring, it’s nothing to blog about anyway lol. I guess I will cut down the words and let the pictures to do the talking.

Chilled with Kityi yesterday afternoon. We went over the new cafe in Ipoh, Ben&Lynette.

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio.
bliss (12)
Not good. I didn’t even finish it.

bliss (13)
So much surprise that Ben&Lynette has Mint Magazine. Like finally, I got to see the pictures on magazine, it is just small part though. But I’m happy with it.

bliss (4)
Kityiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I never thought of knowing this girl before that. Yeaaa, she’s quite famous for me coz most of my friends know her.

She seriously has A LOT OF FRIENDS.

bliss (5)
I love how she behaves, not hypocrisy. Straight forward as me and we definitely have the same thinking.

That’s why we are so click teehee.

bliss (3)
And she brought the Magic Lens. Hehehhe. So we selca like nobody business.

bliss (6)
And I have to hold my hair coz… the wind…

bliss (14)
This is what happened if I did not hold my hair lol.

Address :
No.42, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim,
30350 Ipoh, Perak (right next to Secret Garden)

Business Hours : Daily 9 am – 12.30 am




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