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These are the books that I bought with the RM300 vouchers from government lol. Thank God for the vouchers because you know, books are expensive. HAHAHA. Okay, not really expensive. I saje. XD

Frankly speaking, I don’t really like to read. I dont like because I’m so lazy to read the books, I’m lazy to ‘follow up’ the story, I’m lazy to find time for them.

Normally, I will just read half way and then end of story lol. Dumping them aside and bye bye.

Hmm, I started to love to read since dont know when. I’m peace when I’m reading. I feel safe I feel comfortable I feel good. And at the same time, it helps me to brush up my language as well.

So yeaa, I kinda make reading a habit nowadays. *achievement unlocked* I hope it’s not too late hahaha. Habit is all about your choice, you dont only make a promise, but you act it too.

So here am I to share the book that I almost finish reading


I bet everyone knows who is him. He is truly inspiring. I have never got so addicted to a book, that I can almost finish reading it in 3 days.

This book is teaching you how to deal with bullies. Bullies can be in many forms. It is not only about the big size kids bully the small size kids lololll. It is also the things that brings you down. For example, negativity and teasing from others.

I like the way he wrote this book. It’s so simple to understand it. I hate to read the books which are written in dramatic, bombastic, sophisticated language and tenses. So yea, this book is very easy to understand and absorb.

I love the positivity that he wanted to plant in this world, through his words, experience and testimony. The ways to deal with the negativity are so much relatable and applicable.

I wish I can share everything inside the book. But I won’t because firstly, it is too much things ofc lol. Secondly, I hope you can understand and absorb the knowledge by yourself.

After reading this book, I’m thankful that I’m born with arms and legs, good eye sight and good hair lol. It’s not perfect, least, I’m normal. I have a healthy body. I dont need to be like Nick to face with all the disabilities and “being different” from others.

If he can overcome all the disabilities, why not you and I? He can do everything that he wants, why not you and I? I could not imagine the life without limbs but I know it’s very difficult. I don’t know, I just know that I’m so so so so shoooooo blessed.


“Let the feeling of happiness and fulfilling wash over you” – Nick Vujicic

Nick can overcome the negativity because he chose to let go them and let the positivity stays. We always have choices in life. It’s all about your choice, about you.

Guys, you just have to read it up. Grab the book, I guarantee it will be mind blowing.

I hope you find this post useful and hope you like it. God bless you.



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