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Carl Corrynton Medical Centre

Like finally, I did a blood test for myself lol. 23 years of my life, I have never done whatever shit that is regarding to my health, NEVER. I just eat like nobody business LOL!

Courtesy to Caryl Corryton Medical Centre (CCMD), I was invited to experience their service, some basic check up and blood test. Thank you my baby Fion who invited me and accompanied me the whole process!

For your information, please remember to turn into CHEESEMAN ROAD for the entrance. I must thank to Fion for telling me to turn into Cheeseman Road. Or else, I would have to drive a big round to reach lol!

caryl carrynton medical centre (24)
The registration counter with the friendly ladies over there!

I was shocked when I first reached because the ladies were looking at me, as if I wore something wrong. So I checked up myself and then called Fion LOL!

In the end, the ladies said that I look alike with Fion and so that’s why they were shocked also LOL! Really got so alike! XDDD

caryl carrynton medical centre (23)
Very comfortable and clean place to chill and wait for your turn.

Then the siao cha bo quickly brought me to blood test because she afraid that I will faint anytime as I was not allowed to eat or drink milk and milo for 10 hours lol. Fasting mode ON!

*****For this part, I have to apologise that I don’t know where are the pictures of me taking blood test, probably I deleted them accidentally*****

So took a tube of my blood. Okay la LOL. Not a big tube xD

And then took my urine too! I have to force myself to drink a lot of water and then force myself to pee also. I feel so weird when I was holding a small of bottle of my urine and it’s still warm and fresh lol!

caryl carrynton medical centre (3)
Then, I was served the hot milo and biscuit.

caryl carrynton medical centre (4)
I had already told her that don’t take my picture at that moment. She insisted took, so don’t waste it. Just post here HAHAHA.

Next, I was ushered into the same room and did the ECG test. For those who don’t know what is ECG test like me, it is something to test your heartbeat lol. It was kind of embarrassed because I was told to be half naked and wore on their shirt to do the test! SO SHY MAN although all of us are ladies lol!

Before sticking all the magnet to my body, they need to measure my height and weight

Well I don’t mind to tell you that my weight is 49.5kg =.= Increase 1.5kg, initially was 48kg. For my height, it is 161cm :3 So all the while I thought I’m 160cm…. THE MEASUREMENT FROM SCHOOL IS WRONG! XDDD Though it’s just 1cm different but don’t care, still, it means a lot LOL!

caryl carrynton medical centre (5)

caryl carrynton medical centre (6)
Beep beep beep beep.

After that, we proceeded to Lung test which really tested me because I didn’t know how to blow.
caryl carrynton medical centre (7)
Basically it is a toilet roll and connected with that thing LOL.

caryl carrynton medical centre (9)
I can’t blow with right technique until the machine can’t detect lol! Nah, it wasn’t my lung function not good, it’s the technique. I stupid. LOL

caryl carrynton medical centre (8)
I tried 5 times and all failed. Fion was laughing upside down there already LOL

Forget about it and proceeded to the next one which is BMI test and bone mineral density test

caryl carrynton medical centre (10)
This machine is specially for BMI Test

caryl carrynton medical centre (11)

caryl carrynton medical centre (12)
So my BMI is around 19.4 which considered normal. However, the nurse told me it’s better to be around 20 and ideal weight is 55kg. Seriously?? 55kg is too heavy for me! LOL

Then…. I’m 23 and my body age is only 22! MUAHAHAHAH. Young body, who cares about age???

Bone mineral density test. First of all, put on some specific gel below the ankle.
caryl carrynton medical centre (13)
Then placed my leg inside the machine.

caryl carrynton medical centre (14)

caryl carrynton medical centre (15)
Of course, everything is normal! Hehehe

And then I was brought to visit around.
caryl carrynton medical centre (16)
This is the place where the patient do their physiotherapy.

caryl carrynton medical centre (18)
Darling and me! 🙂

caryl carrynton medical centre (17)
CCMD provides wellness and health screening as well. As you can see from the pic, CT-scan 64 sliced, X-ray and Mammogram. I cut my teeth on the CT-scan in the TVB drama. And now, I see it in real life. Must take picture xD Damn sampat I know lol!

I don’t need to explain what X-ray. I want to let you know about Mammogram! It’s specially for ladies to check breast cancer. Mean kiap nen nen HAHAHAHAH. Doctor was so patiently to explain how it works and so forth. Bad me I have forgotten how to use it LOL!

I have no fate with anything that’s related with biology!

caryl carrynton medical centre (19)
CCMD has 13 beds in total. It provides PLASTIC/COSMETIC SURGERY AS WELL. Surgery like face lift, neck lift, eyelid, nose, ears, lips and all you can list. It provides laser and IPL treatment!

My next target, IPL Treatment! Muahahaha!

caryl carrynton medical centre (20)

caryl carrynton medical centre (22)
Last part to introduce, pay money! LOL. Dispensary and cashier 🙂

caryl carryton
The goodies bag from CCMD! This is a pen for your information heheheh. CREATIVE enough right?

After few days, I was called to take my report on my blood test and of course everything is normal and healthy! Doctor asked me to check again when I’m 25 LOL!
caryl carrynton medical centre (1)

CCMD provides me a free diet consultation too! 🙂

caryl carrynton medical centre (2)

caryl carrynton medical centre (21)

Thank you Carl Corrynton Medical Centre for the hospitality and service! xx

Carl Corrynton Medical Centre 048299188 www.carlcorrynton.com
12A, Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Penang (Opposite of Mcd Greenlane)
Business hour: Monday to Sunday (Inclusive of Public Holiday)
Email: enquiries@carlcorrynton.com
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CarlCorryntonMedicalCentre



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    I also did not take blood test until I started working, and the first result was failed! LOL! Liver, cholesterol, urine acid all failed. Now,I will take blood test almost every year and occasionally practice food diet (even though not helping much due to food blogging). Thanks for sharing! Does CCMC handle any emergency cases or has medical clinic in it?

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