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Ah huh ah huh ah huh~ Hello everyone. How is your day?

Yea, I’m going to give some advices or opinions to those fresh SPM-ers who had taken their results yesterday.

I’m glad that my sister did a good job on her SPM.  She didn’t get a straight A’s but 6A’s.  Anyway, I actually put on a high hope on her that she will have straight A’s for it because her result in school was much much much much better than mine.

I texted her and asked her about the result. She replied and I thought she was crying.  So gave her a call to console a bit laaa. Once she picked up my call, I was surprised that she was very happy like a bird.

“You no cry meh?”

“No ar, I’m very happy, cry what shit? I think my result is good,” she said.

I was impressed by her attitude.  Yeaa, her result might not the best but she satisfied with it. It’s something that couldn’t repeat again, so crying will not help you to have straight A’s. But I cried during my time. HAHAHAHA

SPM is nothing.  Really, it’s just a test. You will feel that after a few years.  Okay, it maybe useful in applying scholarship, JPA or whatever other shit that you wanted to apply lol. Want to get in private college? Trust me, just pay them will do.  They don’t really take the result seriously, as long as you have the money to pay them. -.-

It’s a truth darling.

Don’t cry too hard because you can’t get straight A’s. Chill babe, SPM is nothing at all.

Don’t take SPM to determine your future.  You can’t do it the best in SPM, just do the best in your college or university. Yeaa, I can tell you that my result for my Degree course is way better than SPM, or the examssss in secondary school, surprisingly lol.  You will still have your bright future, dont’ worry.

SPM is nothing because nobody cares?  Like really, there is no one cares about your SPM result.  Even the Degree cert, it is just a paper to get a job in future, whereby it can’t guarantee that you will have a good job,  and that’s it.  The truth is, no matter what, you have to start all over again in working life.  Yea, no matter how good is your result, nobody cares. Such a sad case. You have to start from zero anyhow.

So don’t care about the result! HAHAHA! Okay la, I’m not asking you dont’ care at all, just try your best? Don’t commit suicide if you can’t have a good result.

DON’T COMMIT SUICIDE. Because it doesn’t make you great. People won’t pity for you after you died because it is such an irresponsible act.  You commit suicide just because you can’t handle the storm or obstacles of your life and it is bad.  There are so many solutions and you choose to kill yourself, just because you want to end the affliction. Hello?? Have you ever thought of your parents who have been taking care you since young?

Seriously, I won’t pay any sympathy on those who committed suicide, especially for those who died because of their girlfriend or boyfriend. Ask them eat shit la -,-  Not that I lost my conscience, I don’t respect them only. Hee. 🙂 People, please please please don’t commit suicide because of anything la.

Okay okay, come back to here.  Your life after SPM will be very colourful ahahahah! Because you have the freedom now XD.  😛 But don’t be too naughty okay?

Didi mei mei men, really, just chill. Don’t take it too seriously like there is no tomorrow.

Stay positive, the hope is there.  I believe God will open another doors for you to spread out your wings.  Grab the opportunities and do your best.

Good luck in your future undertaking.  😀



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