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Confession…as a blogger?

By 三月 19, 2013生活

I was reading back my past posts, those were so hilarious. .___.

“wat?! i was shock when i recieved michael’s msg..
6 o’clock early in da morning??go kl??OMG!!
im wondering how i gonna get up at 5 sumthing…
since spm finish..i everyday sleep until 10 or 12 sumthing le..
sigh..but wat to do..michael’s father fetch not michael fetch..
haha..have to get up at 5 sumthing lar..
so tata..gonna go to bed early..

Above ^ can be a post. LOL!!!!! Laughing so hard when I read back my own old posts. Ish, those shortcut words are so hatred! Why would I do that? .______. Nevertheless, my writing now is improved eh? LOL. At least no more those shortcuts. .____.

I somehow really miss the ‘past me’. Like I just write whatever I want, blog whenever I feel like it is, whatever shits also write them out and never care if it is right or wrong, I mean right or wrong as in grammar and privacy. LOL.  Don’t know where was the courage came from, to blog everything included my privacy stuff out. -_______-

Just one word to describe. Hilarious.

After blogging like for two years, I joined Nuffnang because I saw a lot of famous bloggers talking about this and they’re making money through it. LOL! You know la, student time poor like fuck. So I joined. The first earning,

RM0.20   -_________________-

That amount made me screammmmed and jumped wtfffffffff. Sampat.

Seriously, you gotta be patient with Nuffnang because the earning is damn slow like turtle. By that time, I was so desperate to earn more and more and keep on like korek on net to find out how to improve my traffic.

From that day onward, I blogged for traffic, not for myself. I can tell you that this was my biggest mistake ever.

I started to update my blog everyday by creating all those stupid topics and blogged about them.  Unlike last time, where I blog when I feel like it and it’s like for myself. Not for traffic, for others and money.

Somehow, things went better and better because I met some blogger friends and some PR Agents and started to get all those invitations to all those kind of ‘money-cant-buy’ party or whatever shit. I seriously quite proud of myself also la lol! Because I never thought of this could happened one.

Throw back to 2012, this was the most happening year, for me la. I was so damn crazy like until I went down KL for every events like Hennessy and etc. .______. Didn’t know what made me so brave until I traveled down alone and so on.

Crazy girl indeed! I never thought of my safety, never thought of I will be kidnapped at the terminal bus station at Pudu Raya. -__- You know how damn luan KL is.  Never, seriously never. All in my mind was, I wanna go the events and widen up my social network and build up my profile and etc etc.

WTF. -______-

And so I went for all those so called VIP events.  In the end,


What I learned from the events? Nothing except partying hard. Seriously nothing but ofc it was fun especially when you’re being paid for attending the events.

So now it’s better to spend some quality time on something that is worth for!

Things went worse when I started to get all kind of sponsorship.  I remembered there’s a period where my blog almost turned into a commercial blog. Because all about sponsors! Even my closest friends, lulu and sugar complaint to me and asked me since when my blog became a commercial one and there’s nothing more about them.  Seriously, until my close friends don’t like to read my blog because it is being commercialized wtf.

To be true, it’s quite hurt to hear that. Your closest friends le!

So now I had already like never check my stats and so forth for like few months? I think since the day I together with boyfriend I seldom check about it already!!! LOL. The power of boyfriend. 😛

So this year, I’m not gonna like last year. Purposely went down KL for all those VIP events. NO. I want to concentrate on my studies and work hard for future. And realised I never update my monthly stats to manager already. I, some sort of like sick of the traffic and don’t wanna care about it anymore!

There is always an exceptional, unless PAID EVENT. HAHAHAHA! I don’t mind about paid events and see how far I need to travel down. LOL! Because har, now I have extra one who will worry about my safety one. ^.^V So must get approval from the boyfriend also. And I also don’t want to make him worry about me so much and gonna protect myself well. That’s one of my promises to him. 😛

From now, I will blog for myself, friends that I loved, and ofc my boyfriend. <3

ANYWAY, I’m still open offers for sponsorship and blog advertising. LOL! Just that don’t so hardcore like last time. 😛 Gonna change! So har, if you want me to help you promote your blog shop’s apparels ar, skin care produts ar, make up ar or anything that is related with ban mei mei one. I DON’T MIND. HAHAHAHA! 😛 You’re always welcome to email me at nicccchang@gmail.com


So the end of my confession. 😛 Sleep and dream about boyfriend now. Good night.



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