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十二月 20, 2014

Have a Question?


Feel free to drop me a line if you have any question or just a chat. My email address is – I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can. Else, you can find me through Facebook (I have personal account only, do not have page. If you see anyone using my photos, please let me know!) .

If you’re looking to work with me, or advertise on, please direct your inquiry to for further discussion or collaboration.

5 Discussion to this page

  1. Eve 說:

    Hi dear, would like to ask you about you rent a car and drive your own on Bangkok right? Is it compousary to have a international driving license? Im thinking to rent a car and drive to KhaoYai also, but i don’t have the international driving license. Hope to get your answer asap! Thank you so much!!!! xx

  2. Joyce 說:

    Hi, is it easy to drive in khao yai? I mean is the direction ok? It is my first time self drive in bkk n khao yai, quite worry.

    • nicccchang 說:

      You just follow waze or google maps to drive only. Thailand highway is very nice to drive, as in the road are all good in condition. As long as you don’t simply “cut car” or 閃高燈. Just drive and follow the rules. 🙂

      No toll during highway. But in Bkk you will need to pay toll ya.

      Hope my reply & blog posts help you

  3. Jin Wen 說:

    Hi, may I know where did you buy all the cute T-shirts in the link below? :


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