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The Most Happening Event – CREATE in Penang

Hello all! It’s been awhile since we talk.

Like seriously, nowadays I’m getting real tired with work and hardly find a good time to sit down and write my thoughts.

It’s kinda sad, how I wish I can throw my full time job. Not to say that I don’t like my current job, just, it makes me so tiring every single day.


I definitely need to spare some time to experience new things and attend events so that my life wouldn’t be stagnant like this which will drive me crazy soon!

Few weeks back, I was invited to an event called CREATE at HIN Bus Depot, Penang and I went home as a brand new person after that! I had a memorable experience in this event through the many exciting activities designed especially for us! (But, it was so hard to find a car park to be honest because it was so happening!)

As the title of the event says, CREATE is all about creating new experiences, meeting new people and be inspired in many ways possible. These are exactly what I crave for at the moment.

Scroll down and I’ll show you the wonderful happenings of the night!

First up, here’s the artistic CollaboArt Wall where everyone had a chance to contribute their idea and imagination by colouring. I like how the concept gathered everyone to join in the fun, and unleash their creativity.

Here’s my thought on CollaboArt Wall- although it’s just simple coloring, it still needs you to think from your perspective, and your inspirations. When both of those are thrown together, it becomes a masterpiece.

I, myself is not so expressive in art??? so I’ll just stick to the simple coloring. My mind tells me pink colored leaves are creative, aite?

With Carmen Babe. After sometime, I managed to catch up with my long lost Carmen babe and few other friends. Thanks to this event which gives old friends a chance to meet up haha.

Organizers knew that we’ll be exhausted from all the activities and catching ups, so they prepared coupons for us to redeem food and beverages from these food trucks and also a stocked up drinks counter. Nobody left home with a hungry stomach or thirsty!

Next, we have the inspiring #mashtag wall that attracted many people to participate. There are word blocks provided and participants need to come up with a creative sentence on the wall using the words given. This activity clearly challenge the creativity of everyone including me!

The point is, nobody was absolutely right and wrong in being creative and grammar accuracy is not the main concern here 😀

On the other side of the venue is this bicycle completion- CROWD-IN- MOTION! It is really intriguing to see how complete strangers team up together for a common goal which is to win the race! This is one of the main objective of CREATE event- bringing people together to engage in a new experience. It gets really exciting as you can see other participant’s progress on the LED wall while you’re trying your best to cycle.

Super gan jiong! HAHAHA!

While for CREATE Stage, a constant stream of real time performances featuring both local and internationally acclaimed artists (The Sam Willows), (Paperplane Pursuits, Talitha Tan) and DJs (Ramsey Westwood, Alexis G) sets the mode from a chilling, happening evening all the way to an energetic and fun night.

Meanwhile, I’ve the chance to meet up other babe as well. Hi Jess!

Waiting and keep waiting, finally it’s The Sam Willows!

I’m one of their loyal subscribers and listen to their covers almost every day. Can’t believe I had a chance to listen to their performance LIVE. Thanks CREATE!

Their singing is really damn powerful, powerful vocals. They are all beautiful.

There were tons of activities that night to stimulate our imagination and engage us in a whole new experience with new friends. I love how it brings different people together in one venue and offers so much to take home at the end of the event.

Think, inspire and experience.

This is CREATE.

Thank you for this event!

p/s: CREATE is an event open to individuals 18 and above, regardless of any races.

If you wanna get passes or more info, do check out www.create.my


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