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Daily Skin Care #2

By 四月 1, 2013生活, 跟我扮美美

Just to update my skin care nowadays. I have added some amazing products for my baby skin :3

Here you go. Dang, the new family members. 🙂

Bought the moisturizer cream of Hada Labo and Intense Plus Tinted Sunscreen SPF25 from Katherine Miss Pure.

Every day and night, apply your toner after washing your face! It’s must!

1-2 drops is enough for your face. Don’t too put too much of toner. Putting a lot doesn’t mean that it is good for your skin please. In fact, it will bring some side effect, perhaps? I don’t know what are the side effects ever since I never put more than 2 drops of toner.

So just imagine, my toner can last for 1 year at least. lol! Super save cost.

For the better result, you can apply moisturizer after toner. I prefer cream rather than spray because I don’t feel anything on my face after spraying. LOL. Maybe is I myself 心理作用 don’t think my face absorbs the moisturizer fully. So I go for cream. 🙂 If you think spray is good, just go ahead.

It’s pretty good feeling after putting it on. My face is more bouncy and waterish. 🙂

Here to introduce this perfect Intense Plus Tinted Sunscreen SPF25. The previous that I used is finished up and I don’t have the time to visit the beauty salon to get the product since ever most of the time I’m in Penang.

So I didn’t use sunscreen for like a few months and feel my skin so ahh, don’t know how to describe the feeling. Seems like something is being left out and feel pain when under the sun.

Okayy la, not that kua zang, I 心理作用.

I have been searching a good sunscreen that doesn’t feel sticky after applying it and have good scent. So I consulted Katherine, the owner of Miyome (Miss Pure) to ask for sunscreen. She recommended both of her favourite sunscreens to me, Intense Plus Tinted Sunscreen SPF25 or Diane.3

After discussing with her, I made up my mind to use Diane.3 . Too bad of all, Kath told me Diane.3 need to wait since she doesn’t have stock with her. But I can’t wait anymore so I purchased this Intense Plus Tinted Sunscreen from her first since both of the products are pink-based ( means it will give your skin pinkish effect and cute like teddy bear freaking adorable lol. )

Some photos of after using the sun screen.

A lot of people thought I applied BB cream for this. NO. I never used my BB cream now ever since I got this sunscreen. Coz this sunscreen is good enough to be used as BB cream and skin care. No more the powder or foundation! 🙂

Oppsiee, brows without colour-dye is so freaking weird. :-S Nvm, just focus on my skin. This sun screen give your shinning face! Face shinning not because of OIL, but the natural glow radiant. :3

Last but not least, the reason why I so in loved with this sun screen, pinkish effect! I now can have baby pink face and don’t need apply blusher for every day. So I’m gonna hide the blusher forever. HAHAHA! No la, just use the blusher when do heavy make up. :3

Besides, it have whitening function also. Make your skin even fairer! But, you know why I couldn’t show you the effect. HAHAHAHAH! I’m lucky enough to born with fair skin, thanks Mummy and Daddy!

In conclusion,

Step 1: Toner
Step 2: Moisturizing
Step 3: Sunscreen

Step 1: Toner
Step 2: Moisturizing
Step 3: Miyome ( I applied once in a while only)

This is much pretty clear sum up for my daily and night skin care routine. :3

Ever remember that my worst skin ever?

Seeing those black spots and scare, made me feel no good. NO! I’m not gonna let it happen anymore! DON’T SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLES WITH YOUR HANDS AND THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE. 🙁

And this is my skin now,

Super swollen eyes

Trust me, you can have good skin too if you’re hardworking enough! Never stop to be pretty. I’m still trying my best to maintain my skin now. And later on I will add more products for my skin and will share it out! So do stay tuned at this site. :3

If you’re having skin problem, you can contact Katherine at

Or visit her facebook page, she is selling many many good products, even slimming products!

Like here http://www.facebook.com/miyomebeauty

P/S: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased from her and just wanna share some good things with you.

P/P/S: Photos all taken with iPhone 5. :3 Tehehehehhehe. My 5 zai is awesome! :3



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