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So I shared once for my skin care here, which introduced the miracle tiny bottle.

This post will be doing the daily skin care that I applied every day and night. 🙂

First of all, I dont think I need to teach you how to wash your face? LOL! Just wash your face with your cleanser.

Then, apply TONER. Toner is freaking important for you skin okay. You can feel the different if you are not using the toner. The texture of skin different. HAHAHA! Not that smooth and moisture. 😛
face 2
Hado Labo is always the best toner. Cheap and the best.

For day time, I will apply sunscreen as well. For those who never use sunscreen, better start now to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Even body I have started to apply since don’t know when. The sun is too scary. 🙁

Night time, same.

Wash your face and apply toner. To enhance the skin, I used Miyome for once a week.
People have been asking this tiny bottle can use for how long. It’s depends. Because I just apply the affected area. LOL. For like pimples and blackheads. So yea, my this bottle I have been using it for three months. 😛 Plus my face is small, bonus. HAHAHAHAHAH!

Yellowish cream. Miracle cream! View this post for this product review! Even my aunt and sisters started to use it now! If you’re interested to buy it, you can contact me. 🙂 Just send an email or PM me on facebook. 🙂

For those nights without Miyome, I used sleeping mask from Maystar!
Thank you so much for the Snail Collagen Aquaring Gel Mask! Now I can apply mask and sleep for every damn night. 😛 No need purposely wake up and take away the mask. 😛 So this is for those lazy people like me to take care the skin. HAHAHA! This product is truely imported from Korea as I dont know how to read all those korean words printed. Luckily there is nice and friendly worker from Maystar who taught me how to use all the products!

So obviously, it’s gel mask. It’s very comfortable mask. 🙂 Just apply a little on your face and pat gently for fully absorption. And actually I found out that you can use this gel for hand and areas of your body that are quite dry, like elbow and knees. 🙂 It helps to moisture those area too. 😛

Lazy for every night. But once in a week, you should be diligent a bit. Apply mask for 10 minutes!!
Once again, I got this N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask from Maystar. 🙂 This blog shop is seriously selling all different kind of good mask! You can contact them and tell them what is your skin type then they will choose the best masks for you! 😀

I use this mask once a week too. Yeap every week! Anyway, it’s most effective to use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. But, you know I’m lazy. So just once a week. But I think it’s already very nice for me. :3


“The thirst of dry skin is resolved through active water systems such as Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide and more excelling in the Natural Moisturizing Factor (N.M.F) that exists in the horny layer of the skin as well as the moisturizing effect while LS 8865, Witch Hazel and more which have the effect of managing loosened pores by adjusting sebum and tightening pores.”

I think I don’t need teach how to use mask right? LOLOLLL!

Ladies, do you know that our body will start to produce less collagen when we reached the age of 25???

Now I almost 22, still 21 because my birthday haven’t reach yet wtf. LOL And yea, start to use more collagen products to have baby young skin, like MINE wtf. 😛 So now I don’t need worry too much about my skin when I reached the age of 25. AH!

“It contains components such as hydrolyzed collagen and eastin which make your skin fatigued by time more vital, so it will change your skin young and vital as if it put the time back and form a moist essence film on your skin having weaker functions from dryness. Use of the cellulose mask sheet wit silky touch fitting even your fine wrinkles aids intensive care and delivers the efficacy of the high-concentrated essence more mildly.”

So now I have Snail Collagen and Collagen Impact Essential Mask. :3 Collagen collagen more please!!! I will start to drink collagen drink soon. 😛 I don’t care, for skin Im wiling to spend the money. Ai mei mei o. :3

And also har, after the 10 minutes of masking, dont throw the sheets straight okay??? The mask still can use for your body!! Just wipe the mask sheet over your whole body. Then you will have smooth skin, like MINE. 😛 Own smooth skin to catch boyfriend’s heart. HAHAHAHAHA WTF.

I’m so thankful that Maystar take care of my feet as well. They sponsored along this super cute foot maskl! :3
Dr.For Skin Paraffin Foot Mask.

It’s my first time to use a foot mask. LOL. So much fun lor!
Just take it out and take it into half. And…


Say Hi to my chio feet.

Oh haiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

It’s efficient for dry, rough feet and cracked heels. I think my mummy needs it more than me because she has cracked heels. So i will just pass the foot mask to her. 🙂

So now my skin is better day by day. Thanks to all the products that I have been using. Oh hidden pimples please go away! I cant do anything on this kind of pimple. Because it’s inside, cant squeeze them out. Anyways, it’s not good to squeeze pimples. LOL. Too bad most of the time my hand itchy. Luckily I have Miyome now!

I invested a lot lot of money on my skin. So skin you better be thankful that you have a good owner like me to take care you!!!! I guess I spent more than thousand for this face. Kept on buying different products and try and finally.

Baby skin is here. 😀 Imma happy girl now. So now I don’t envy Korean’s skin, only their legs. HAHAHAH!

Remember to like Maystar Facebook Page and get all korean skin care products from them!!!!

Affordable and best quality. Quick quick order now to have nice skin!!! :3

And I guess it’s time for me to trim the eye brows. LOL. Super thick and long. -___-



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