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Hi there! I know right? I have been abandoning my blog for like so long ago. I didn’t mean to, I hope I have my carefree time to blog as much as I can. Just too much work to do. :-/

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This post gonna do a quick post about my look for everyday. Erm, to be exact, is my daily essentials lol. Actually, a few of girls asked me the way to draw eye brow. LOL. Never thought of my caterpillar brows could be admired by people also. HAHAHAHA! I don’t think so my method is the correct way to draw brows but who cares? As long as you think the brows are pretty on you then okay liao.

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This is the why i think eye brows are very berry important. HAHAHA. You see the sharp corner of my brow damn ugly. Okay, when brows grow enormously, even worse. Thick like Sin Chan’s eye brows lol. So I learnt to draw brows from my girlfriend. Nowadays, I really cannot go out without drawing my eye brows.

Okay, people have been, always been misunderstanding that I put on a layer of foundation on my face. Sorry la, I just put on this sunscreen everyday! Yes, everyday. Unless I didn’t go out lol.
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I did a review for this sunscreen as well, which was quite long time ago. Go read this post if you are interested :3

Other than sunscreen, I will put on this 3CE Waterful Concealer from @K_Beaute_CC
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I’m loving this concealer very much indeed. Coz it’s unlike other concealers which dry up my skin. But this concealer is different. I feel fresh when I apply it. Super moisturizing one! :3

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After applying it, the scar on my hand (black scar on the thumbnail bone. Okay, roughly there) has been enlighten up coz just apply a layer.

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So this my face with sunscreen and brows and the soul-ess eyes lol, you can see there is a scar in between the brows. So I just applied the concealer on the particular area and blended it well,

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After applying few layers lol, the scar is gone! I also applied a little bit on my nose wings. Is it called as nose wings? -.-

Then the last step, I will apply 3CE Shimmer Stick in Pink from  @K_Beaute_CC as well.
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This Shimmer Stick actually acts as highlighters for your face, and you can apply on your collar bone as well!

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Normally I will apply on my forehead, nose bridge (so that it is higher and higher lol) and cheeks (C side)

I actually snapped my face after applying this but no big difference in the pictures. But in real life, it does help to lift my nose and make face even shinny and healthier!

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The daily look. btw, my brows will be different day by day hahahah coz sometimes too thick, sometimes too thin. So when I draw a perfect brow, I will be so reluctant to remove them at the end of the day. LOL!

If you are looking for the 3CE products, please go Instagram and follow  @K_Beaute_CC or @Cersei closet (sister shop which focuses on clothing) to order as they provide ready stock for it! Which mean you don’t need to wait for it! Oh ya, nearly forget to share with you all, their packing is the sweetest that I ever seen so far! :3

Pastel purple candy packaging! :3

And girls also beware of the FAKE 3CE products yaaa. There is AAA 3CE products in market, so beware!

I assure that the products from  @K_Beaute_CC are imported from Korea!



So follow  @K_Beaute_CC now!



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