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Darth Vader Was a Pity Man

By 十一月 10, 2015亂亂想, 生活

star wars darth vader
Finally finished watching all the series of Star Wars.

And I’m really amazed of the technology applied in the movie, those 3D effect already existed before I born!

At very young age, I don’t quite understand why people will go crazy of Star Wars. And I really tried to watch and maybe was too young then, I don’t understand the movie.

And now, I considered myself more clever than before ??? (Actually not really clever also? Because I need  Broccoli Head to explain the relationship betweaen the character for me also! Hahahaha! Thanks to the movie director, they like to produce behind story then go back to the very beginning)

Now I understood why people will go crazy of it. Because I’m one of them now!

star wars darth vader
I actually liked the Anakin series than the series of his son, Luke. This is because Anakin gave me a lot of emotion.

Yea, Anakin was turned into dark side and become a Lord Vader. I don’t hate him despite he killed all the Jedi-s and many people&aliens. In fact,

I think he is a pity man.

Throw back to the very beginning, his mother and him were slaves and I bet they never have a good life. He doesn’t know who is his father.

star wars darth vader
Soon, Master Qui-Gon realised his potential to become a great Jedi. And he was so happy yet, he felt reluctant to be away from his mother.

I got to admit that he was a very rebellious and naughty teenager. After working hard so many years, he still can’t achieve what he wanted to be since young because of the council has forbidden him to be Master because they could foresee that he would be a dangerous one.

So when people don’t get what they deserved for, they will eventually become upset because they think it’s unfair. Same to Anakin.

The worst thing was his mothers death. He couldn’t save his mother in time.

He thought that it’s his fault for not being strong enough. As he promised his mother that he will protect her.

I understand  the pain of losing someone in life. I can feel how much pain he had. And he started to blame the restriction of the council for him to become a Master.

The tragedy of his mother caused him afraid of losing. Again, he had the nightmare that his wife will die after giving birth to the babies.

star wars darth vader
He can’t bear to lose someone important in his life anymore. In all his mind, he just want to protect his wife.

He wanted to be a master so much because it’s only way that made him stronger so that he could protect his wife.

But he couldn’t due to the council didn’t trust him.

With all the incident happened to him, he couldn’t be calm as usual. He confused. It was then he turned to the dark side because they could provide what he wanted for – to become stronger than any Jedi.

The message that I want to deliver is, restriction, sometimes made people to get frustrated and can’t think rationally. Like Anakin, he couldn’t become a Master because of the restriction of the council.

I think he really wanted to stay in council but he doesn’t get any “approval” from them. He really tried to. At least he tried to stay at the good side.

However, he couldn’t protect his wife if he stays as Master Yoda advised him to be open-minded because death is the nature of life.

At that situation, we really can’t blame that he will turn into dark side. He was suffering, he was afraid of losing someone, he blamed himself so much.

He is a good man. A good man that didn’t have many choices. The environment kind of forced him to the dark side.

star wars darth vader
Just too pity. Even though he had become a powerful one, he was incomplete. He couldn’t own his body, he couldn’t do things like normal human. He had to depend on the respirator in order to survive.

I really feel sad for him. In the end, he is powerful yet he couldn’t protect his wife which was his first intention to turn over dark side.

Isn’t he pity?

But, I’m glad that in the end, he chose to save his son instead of obeying his master.

I think, he was very tired of his life. That’s why he chose death in the end.

Well at least, in the end. He save his son with what he could do.

star wars darth vader
Darth Vader – He was a slave. He doesn’t know who’s his father and lost his mother. He lost his wife in the end too. He couldn’t become the Master Jedi but he became someone who conquered and control the Galaxy. He fulfil his dream to become the strongest man in the galaxy.

He is a clever man but his life is actually miserable. Nawww, words just can’t describe the feeling.

I realised, people always say that make the right choice. But sometimes, we are just like Darth Vader, we don’t have many choices. In the end we made up the decision that we wanted, where the people around you blame and scolding you. But people always don’t know or don’t understand what’s happening behind….

So miserable.


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