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Days before CNY

So are you r-r-e-aaaa-d-yyyyy for Chinese New Year?
before cny (25)
To be honest, I don’t really love Cny as I stay at home everyday. So I decided to not buying anything for Cny as I have many clothes already lol. And, the main point is I only got to dress up on nin chor 1. Other days I will just wearing Starwalk Tee at home and bai nian. HAHAHAHAH.

Sorry for the hiatus, I have been so busy with the appointments HHAHAH. Nails la, hair la and so forth.

before cny (2)
Talking about nails, I was a girl with the botak nails lol, the short nails. I had no idea why would I used to cut it whenever the nails grew. I always like to see the girls with long fingers and healthy nails. I don’t own beautiful fingers, all skinny and you can see the bone structure.

Skin of my fingers is the worst as my fingers is sensitive towards strong chemical. Sienz. And actually I’m not allowed to do put on nail colour as well. But… OPI nail colour worked on me. My fingers don’t have chemical reaction with it lol!

I don’t own healthy nails coz I always love to bite and cut them simply.

So this year I challenged myself to let them grow. I told Cat (my houseamates) that, if I cut my nails, I need to pay her 1 bucks per nail. Then she was like

“Bitch please, you will just straight give me RM10. Make it 10bucks for a nail, 100 bucks in total. Yay, I have 100! “

Yea this is her. HAHAHAH! She feels uncomfortable if she did not disturb me everyday.

True. HAHAHA. So I succeeded in letting my nails to grow lol. At least, I get rid of the habit of biting nails lol! One of to-don’t-list achieved lol! So people start to work on your to-do-list or to-don’t list. Don’t just write and plan, work it out babehhhh.

I hope I motivated you. 😀

before cny (1)
Blue White and Gold. Everyone has been asking me where did I do my nails. Here is the contact:

Jean Nail
Address: 9-1-51, Taman Kheng Tian, Jalan Van Praagh, 11600 Penang
Contact number: 0165026174 (Miss Jean)

Call her nowwww. But probably she is fully booked with appointments coz I just talked to her just now. HAHAHAH! Perhaps after cny? I can assure that she is the best. I super like how she removed the dead skin of my nails. And ofc my feet, that the thickness of dead skin was thousand inches, she will still remove them patiently! Trust me, you wouldn’t regret by paying her a visit!


New colour, back to basic. Darkest purple red.
before cny (4)
While waiting for my turn. I consider myself as a regular customer coz I always do my hair treatment at here lol. Love the cozy place and the people there!

PLEASE LOOK AT MY LITTLE TOES. HAHAHAH! Super in love with the purple colour and I should have paint this colour for my fingers. Nvm, next time will do.

before cny (5)
Otw to purple red. 🙂 Oopsie for the double eyelid sticker, I didn’t stick it properly coz I was rushing out for the day. 😛

before cny (6)
UFO on my head lol.

before cny (7)
And tadahhhhhhhh. So happy that everybody says that my hair colour is nice and ofc my face suits this colour as well. AHAHAHAHAHA.

If you interested to know where I dyed my hair,

Hair Riculture
Address: 9-1-12, Taman Khean Tian, Jalan Van Praagh, 11600 Jelutong, Penang
Contact: +6042824662


MIA for three days to KL with church members, to attend the Planeshakers Conference. Woots woots! In case you don’t know, Planetshakers is a church from Melbourne. And their band is definitely the best. So all of us went together to experience the powerful worship by Planetshakers Band. 😀

before cny (10)
Holla the people in Car2, we have 4 cars to go together. I thank God that the two gentlemen have the highest level of patience. LOL. You know how noisy when the three girls were sitting together behind. AHHAHAHA. Please take note that these three girls is super talkative one LOL.

– Singing a song together without the music
– Scream loudly suddenly
– Chatting and gossiping like nobody business

We even talked about SHITTING. How to shit smoothly, what types of faeces…. Okay you won’t wanna read it anymore. I understand that why will you leave this blog coz the blogger is that gross. HAHAHAH

Nvm, take it or leave it. I just enjoyed being myself LOL.

before cny (17)
Some crazy selfie in the car.

before cny (18)

before cny (20)
Walao, my hair so niceeee here. eheheheheheh.

We had breakfast in Ipoh. Sorry no picture coz I was too hungry! LOL

before cny (11)
First stop in KL! Finally got to taste the legendary meat ball. Indeed it is good, but others were over-rated.

before cny (12)
This salmon no taste one.

before cny (13)
Had no idea. But I just love my nose here. HAHAHAH. I finally hazz the nose bridge. Okay la, angle problem. I don’t own high nose bridge. -.-

before cny (16)
And hello. Car 2 satu hati. Eat sleep shit together.

before cny (34)
Beautiful, powerful worship. The drummer is the best la! lol
before cny (35)

before cny (36)
With the band. Vocalists and Bassist. Drummer is missing. LOL.

before cny (30)
TA DANG DANG DANG DANG. HAHAHAHA. This is the Man of God, super good looking Ps. Rudy. Oh shit, you see the hairstyle, you see the smile. AWWWW, can melt, too man. HEN MAN LO. I shall stop being ‘hiao’ here coz he is married with the vocalist Chelsiiiiii (Photo above, top right)


before cny (38)
She is FIONG. This girl never failed to make me burst into laughing lol.

before cny (39)
At the end of the day, we went Tambun for seafood. Yea, everyone is exhausted thus the tired faces here.

before cny (37)
The big family. :3 Finally the group shot. Look at this shot, I can never forget how I met a pervert during this conference. Okay, he might be not a pervert but seriously the way he looked at me and asked to take a photo with me, definitely scared me. :/

I always thank God that I got the know them at my lowest point, where I didn’t know what to do, how to walk out from the hurt.  After joining them, my life is contented, heart is definitely filled with love and concern from them. Teehee. And, thank you, I have gained weight because of them. Because everytime outing also eat eat eat and EAT.

So if you feel sad happy depressed angry, and no one to talk with, you can come to us! We can make you happy, happy like me and stay in positive track! Continue to be a dreamer and live your life beautifully.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year in advanced. Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

And don’t forget to give me red angpao! HAHAHAHA.



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