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Whenever comes to hygiene, I’m quite particular on it. I personally don’t like myself to sweat a lot because I feel sucks after that lol. Sticky body and yucks, all the germs are spreading around!

dettol ph balanced shower gelRecently I’ve been back to workout routine and it’s so important to choose the right body shower gel to clean your body after sweating out. Coz you don’t want surround yourself with all the bacteria right?

dettol  (1)I’ve been using Dettol new range products. The good thing about Dettol pH balanced shower gel is that it is pH balanced, which indicates the pH level is between 4 – 6 and therefore it moisturises your skin.

dettol  (3)Hydrion pH pencil and the chart.

Now let me show you something interesting, the pH testing.

dettol  (6)First, moisten my hand surface with Dettol shower gel.

dettol  (7)Take this pH Tester and…

dettol  (14)It’s orange where it’s pH 4 to pH 6!

Now let me explain to you why is pH balance is so important. The Acid mantle is the natural skin barrier and it is a very fine, slightly acidic invisible film on your skin, which protects your skin from the bacteria, viruses and contaminants. As the germs and contaminants are neutralized by the skin’s acid mantle!

Other than that, it helps to keep the skin healthy, soft and supple, free from dryness, cracks and abrasions!

dettol  (17)Why I choose Dettol new range products. There is different fragrances and super duper affordable that it costs me RM6.90 only! All my dear friends, you should head to here and take the Dettol pH Challenge now and download the RM5 discount voucher! Good Luck 🙂



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