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Digi WWWOW Award 2015

By 十月 2, 2015亂亂想, 廣告時間

What inspired to write this blog post is – Digi WWWOW Internet Awards! You might be wondering what is that?
digi wowwww award

What is Digi WWWOW Internet Awards?

“WWWOW Awards is Malaysia’s only Internet for All Awards. It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others.”

What else do you need to know? 

Here are the checkpoints that you might need to know: 

  • Submission Date and Nomination: 14 Sep till 12 Oct 2015
  • Vote for People’s Choice Award: 19 till 30 Oct 2015
  • Judges and Selection: 13 Oct till 12 Nov 2015
  • Award Night and Winner Announcement: 20 November 2015

There are 8 Categories that You Can Submit Your Idea

  • Videos & Photography
  • Social Influencers
  • Independent Publishers
  • Web E-Commerce
  • Mobile E-Commerce
  • Social Media E-Commerce
  • Social Impact
  • Social Movement

I saw it and quite interesting to join because the prizes are quite attractive muahahaha. Then check it out, and I guess I want to submit my idea and try it if I’m able to win lol! For more information, you may check it out at http://www.wwwow.my/

So I’m going to share on what is Social Influencer!

nicccchang digi wowwww award
Whenever talks about social media influencers, people will think about the people with zillion of followers/fans. Some of them think that influencers are being paid to share and hence they think that influencers are fake; Some of them think that influencers just only know how to selfie with products and etc etc etc.

What is Social Influencer?

I would like to say that an influencer isn’t someone that has bunch of followers, isn’t someone that is famous. It is someone who has certain kind of followers. Of course the number of followers or friends can’t be too low, or else how it going to influence the people lol! Means, it might not as famous as those “Red People” but they certainly influential to some of the people. People would want to know their ideas, their thinking and their experience.

My Personal Experience

I, as a part time social influencer, part time blogger. I don’t consider myself as a popular one. But I do have my certain followers who likes about me.

The crucial thing about being social media influencer, you have to be yourself, a real you. I mean, you don’t mask yourself in front of the public. You need to be who are you, show your true personality to the public too.

This is why people follow you. I guess I dislike the word of “follow”, I mean this is why people like about you, even though they don’t know you in reality. They like you because you are real, not a hypocrite.

What Would I do if I’m Full Time Social Influencer

One of the biggest thing that I would like to do is to do low budget travelling all around the world and share all the different lifestyle and culture of the different countries. Then share all the tips and tricks on how to do budget travelling on my social platforms included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on my blog!

I would like to share my own experience and useful information for travelling for an instance, how to pack for travel, what to do before travel to each place, what you should prepare and etc etc. I guess these are the information people need when they plan for travelling.

Other than that, I will share the my experience on exploring each of the city of the country. As different culture and lifestyle for each city, so it’s crucial for me to share what are the to-do’s or to don’ts in each of cities. Aha! The good food too!

Speaking about travelling, not to forget to share every beautiful corners of the world on social media too! I understand not everyone of us able to travel to all the countries in this world. That’s why sharing all the beautiful photos to everyone who hopes to travel but they can’t temporary. Oh ya, a video travel vlog too!

Of course, the most important of sharing all the travelling photos is, I hope I can inspire and deliver a message that travelling not necessary has to be a luxury one to the people. You can explore to the same countries with low cost too! The meaning of travelling is not about luxury, is about exploring new thing and widen your knowledge!

I guess it would be good to share more tips on budget travelling. Then everyone will be able to travel and experience new things! Share together and learn together!

What you do you think about it?



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