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Instead of updating the old posts, I update the latest one la, just happened a day ago.

Dated the potato Amelia for dim sum. Initially, she dated me for jogging in the morning. But I lazy and need to do house chores after all. So if jogging, will be tired, tired already then no need do house chores. HAHAHAHAH! Okay la, I was too lazy for jogging.

So as usual, we went for Qi Yuan for dim sum. Favourite dim sum place ever! We both seriously don’t understand why so many people go for Foh San still, because the dim sum is really bad.


酸辣刀削面. This is a must to order!

The funniest was, when this bowl was served, I asked Amelia,

“Why 刀削面 got egg (the white foam above, I thought is egg white) one???? New version one ar?”

“Har? You got order wrongly or not?” She still flipped the menu and asked me.

“NO AR! I confirmed I order the same one!”

In the end, use the spoon ………
The “egg” was the FOAM.



Bello, this bao needed some technique to eat one. If not, the juice will be flow here and there, on your hand, on the table. LOL! I still remember the first time I ate this, -.- Okay, I ate until the juice was flowing all over my hand and table. Kthxbai.


Oh hi potato  Loving my hair here, so straight! LOL

Owh, the photos taken actually quite blur. =.=

Okay nvm, we take again next time.

Nice catch up with this girl. We have been non-stop talking for 2 hours? Yayy, more to come! :3

A surprise once I reached home.
This little monster……… did a mess up when I was not at home. Thank you very much. I have to pick up all the papers, sienz.

Till now and then.



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