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girls date at macalister mansion
Hi all! Finally managed some free time to blog about this. Actually I have 7 sponsored posts haven’t up yet @@ Seriously can die. I’m so sorry to all the sponsors out there but you know what, I promised, I will do a good posting for you all! That’s why good thing is meant to be wait for. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay. .___. I’m just giving excuses. I will do my post ASAPPPP! BEE DOO BEE!

Finally get to meet up with pretty Penang girls~ We just waited for like 1238092830948 months to meet up with each other. NO LAAA, I’m just joking. LOL. Just waited for like a month because I was having my honeymoon. 😛

It’s my second time to meet with Jxhia and first time meet up with Carmen. Guess what, Carmen was nice to give me a lift to MM(Macalister Mansion). Ehh, all the way from Bukit Mertajam and still need to find your place and fetch you. Not many people willing to do so okay?

And… I think I’m blessed coz all the people around me are being so nice to me! 😛 Teehee.

Actually, before we met up with each other, we three actually discuss what to wear on Whatsapp. LOL! Just my phone was ringing non-stop. HAHAHA. We’re girls, what to do? xD I changed for like 4-5 outfits omg. LOL

Carmen picked me up at around 6.30pm. Glad that she is talkative as well. HAHAHA! Once I up into the car, we both like pasar malam lelong, keep chatting non-stop. And worst of all, she asked me,

‘You know how to go out from here ar? Roughly Gurney area.’

I had a poker face for a moment,

“Gurney area ar? Wait ar, I WAZE first,”  LOLLL! Then we both laughing like upside down already.

After that, she realised I am a road blind. Carmen told me that she is too. LOL! BINGO! Another road blind partner. Welcome to my association. HAHAHAH!

So managed to get out from my area and went to near by the MM. BUT- we can’t find the building. I think we passed by the building but we didn’t see. So like round and round round round round round together with WAZE.

Worst of all, WAZE asked me to turn LEFT; I asked Carmen to turn RIGHT. *Facepalm

Carmen held my hand and double confirmed LEFT or RIGHT. Then I said “RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT”

In fact, it was impossible to turn RIGHT. So, I’m sorry for being so blur. HAHAHAHAH.

Okay story end. Let’s talk about the Macalister Mansion.
girls date at macalister mansion (2)
Personally love the ambience. But, just like what Jxhia said, it could be a horrible one too. Coz it is super damn quiet. Okay, to be the exact word, SILENT. You know la, 3 of us so sampat. So har, we also need to like turn down our volume when we’re talking. It’s not good. I cannot L.O.L. HAHAHA!

girls date at macalister mansion (7)
The decoration definitely wins.

Food time
girls date at macalister mansion (3)
Carmen and I ordered Cod fish. Yea, the portion is that small. This is called fine dining.

I expected it should be a bigger portion. But… like this. AIHH, nvm. I will never go there anymore unless you want to treat me eat then I go. HAHAHAHAH :-X

girls date at macalister mansion (4)
Close up. The Cod Fish is quite fresh la. Juicy and tender. Hmm, I haven’t eat the Cod Fish in Australia. LOL! Next trip I will go and eat and compare. 😛

girls date at macalister mansion (5)
Jxhia ordered chicken as her main course. :3

girls date at macalister mansion (6)
Yea, chicken only a few slices but the quality not bad. I meant, it is tasty and so doink doink. :3

girls date at macalister mansion (1)
Me pattern. Credit to Jxhia! Nice hor? :3

girls date at macalister mansion (10)
Picture of us. :3 I want to take more and more and more next time!

girls date at macalister mansion (12)
With Carmen. I took her phone number before we met with each other. ahahhaha! Hmm, what to do. We know each other through whatsapp. LOL. Thanks to Jxhia and Fione too! LOL. Indeed a very nice girl and best of all we have endless topic to chat. LOL! So you can picture how noisy when we were in the car. HAHAHAH.

And I thought she is younger than me! OMG, you see the face laaa, so young. That’s why I thought she is younger than me. Then, I was wrong. She is elder than me. The batch of 1990. :3 Just jelly her young face. :-/

girls date at macalister mansion (9)
Jxhia. Another young, super young. ONLY 18, still bok bok cui! And I’m now 22, 4 freaking years just passed like this. Time, please chill and slow down.

Thanks to Fion who created the group at Facebook! I got to know her blog and add her as friends at facebook. HAHAHA! Pretty girl mah. 😛  Then met her for first time during burger time. Teehee. Super straight forward girl just like me 😛 . And I love the way she treat to her friends. She will definitely double nice to you if you’re nice to her. :3 And keep sharing all the good things around and introduce this and that. Sucha good girl. But, don’t mess with her. You gonna get it. HAHAHA! 😛

girls date at macalister mansion (8)
Actually loving the picture but my hand is at the awkward position. -______-

girls date at macalister mansion (11)
#ootn Top to toe from ihf(Malaysia). Quick head over and shop now! :3 Ignore my stupid fat face. .__. 

That’s all for tonight. I’m gonna update tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, either. Too many pending posts. 🙁



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