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Dogs VS Rabies – To Kill Or To Keep?

By 九月 23, 2015亂亂想

Here you go. I’ve been so exciting to share my thoughts on this topic hahahaha! It’s been sometime that I blog the current event or issue. One of the issue is because most of them are politics related, I can’t write too much because I don’t want to get jailed kthxbai. But today it’s about dogs and the damn rabies virus. So it’s okay, I’m glad to write about it.

It’s been a hot issue and it never stop. Some of the people disagree with the way of our Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Lim Guan Eng, that he is going to kill all the stray dogs in Penang; And some of the people do agree with what he is going to do.

And I, one of those who agreed with it.

#1 What is Rabies?

Before going any further, let’s see what is Rabies? According to what I had read from Internet research only (Might not be 100% correct but better than none). It’s a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals.

#2 The Infection of Rabies Virus

“The rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death. The early symptoms of rabies in people are similar to that of many other illnesses, including fever, headache, and general weakness or discomfort. As the disease progresses, more specific symptoms appear and may include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, agitation, hypersalivation (increase in saliva), difficulty swallowing, and hydrophobia (fear of water). Death usually occurs within days of the onset of these symptoms.”

Do you see that? And I don’t think the decision of Mr Lim is wrong. I definitely support it. Firstly, let me explain why I support it.

Many people say that Rabies won’t be that serious as what we think. Think again, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What if there are people who really got infected because Mr Lim didn’t decide to kill all the stray dogs? Why people never think about future, further…

And what I hate the most is seeing some of the people who act like super 大善良家 saying that we are cruel because we want all the dogs die die die. WAIT,

I love dogs and cats, I love animals too. I too have a pet dog and we do love her so much and provide her the best. Maybe not the best, but at least what she needs: Vaccination, food, snacks, her shampoo and many many. We even bought some clothing for her which is extra (I personally think buying different clothing for dogs is quite wasting money lol, because she also doesn’t like it one).

You say that Mr Lim is cruel and also those people who support Mr Lim (included me) are cruel? WAIT, let me ask you

Where do the stray dogs from?

Where? Simple. Most of them are dumped by the cold-hearted owners. Just because they are not some kind of breeds, they are not any expensive dogs, they have little sickness, they have little flaws and etc.

So we cruel? I don’t think so. This leads me to another point.

There are people who suggested that catch all the dogs and put inside the cage and get vaccinated. Dai lou, you want to catch the dogs until when wor? There are so many stray dogs all over Penang island. How to catch? You tell me? Do you think the dogs are stupid? They can hide too! What if those dogs which hide are infected?

I understand why Mr Lim want to do that. The virus is spreadable dude. Dogs don’t give birth to A PUPPY ONLY, they give birth to Puppy A, Puppy B, Puppy C, Pubby D and so forth. Giving birth to many puppies is a normal thing to them and we don’t know which one is infected by the virus!! So tell me la, how to not kill? It’s not easy to catch all the dogs you know?

And don’t you guys are super selfish. You guys rather risk the life of those dog catcher to grab them into a cage. What if during the process, the dog catcher got bitten? Then somebody infected and die, who will take the responsibility?

Those who oppose the decision, you guys aren’t any good. You guys are selfish. You just want all the attention to yourself! Firstly, I don’t see that you take any action to oppose but just typing comments at facebook, posting status on Facebook. I saw that one of the status posted by Malaysia Artist, Yu Heng (But I think she deleted it) So I can’t print screen that exact one.

Oh dear Mr Lim Guan Eng (somemore tag Mr Lim on Facebook), please change your mind because it’s really cruel to kill all the dogs. Bla bla bla bla, the dogs are so innocent bla bla bla bla bla bla.

God damn please, keep the fuck up if you are not living in Penang island. You are in Taiwan. Sorry for being mean, it’s not really related hahahaha! But I just want to scold. And after she deleted the blog post, she still doing something similar.

Seriously? If you are so kind and “beg” Mr Lim to take back his decision, why not you come back and catch the dogs or do some donation also? (Okay she did donate perhpas, I dont know). Still, I still think it’s fake. You imagine, normal people like us will ignore the stray dogs mostly, what about artist, do you think they have time to take care the stray dogs?

You said  you love dogs. You love dog that you bought from pet shop, the dog breed? Or every dogs included those dirty and fierce stray dogs? 

For everyone who only knows how to oppose by typing comments, frankly speaking, do you ever care about the stray dogs if rabies never appear. I can assume only 5% of you will really take care the stray dogs and take them to SPCA Organisation. Most of you guys will just ignore them and avoid them, nobody take cares of them! I’m very honest to myself and everyone, I’m one of those who will never touch stray dogs, I will only give them food at most!

Are you really kindddd until that you will take all the stray dogs, even though there was nothing happened? NO! Not all of you will do that. So what do you guys want to type so much and comment so much, but in the end, you guys will never help anything!

Why not think from Mr Lim’s perspective, as the Chief Minister of Penang, he has to think for everyone who is living in Penang, included YOU!

Who will take the responsibility when someone really got affected and die because rabies – Mr Lim; Who are the one will complain that why Mr Lim never take action to prevent rabies virus?


If you have nothing better to offer or can do, why not keep your mouth shut in order to acting kind. Why not shut up and let government do the things?



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