Don’t lose sight

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Don't lose sight
We always tend to weight money and career heavier than anything.

Don’t misunderstand, they are important in life. Yes, we should focus on it.


We should balance our life. Don’t too over-focus on a thing and neglect things or people who is around us, and need our appreciation more.

We should take a look on our family and the loved ones more often. Spend time to communicate with them is very important. Tell them what you need, what are you doing, let them know you more. Don’t build the wall between the family members, BUILD THE BRIDGE.

I started appreciate my family more, after losing my cousin brothers and grandma. The pain of losing someone you loved is indescribable.

Embrace it. Your parents are getting old and one day they will back to heaven. This is fact, this is life.  We can’t make any changes on it.

labour day  (6)

I want to accompany my family, show them my love, as much as I can. There is no much time left, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. When the day comes, I left no regrets because I have done what I need to do, what I need to express to the loved one.

If you think I’m emo, I’m not emo. I’m still the happy-go-lucky girl, as always. Just this picture made me have such thought, a thought that I think I should share with you all.

Don't lose sight

Appreciate what you have.  Trust me, you will be happier and satisfied.

Tomorrow will post about the explosive Audacious Conference, the most happening, mind-blowing event that I ever involved! Still editing the photos.  Wheeeee. Great memories. I’m looking forward to Audacious Conference in 2015! Woohooo!




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