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I stumbled upon this video and I think I should share it here. Before I continue, I need you to watch this video and hang on my page also lol!

I love how this video motivates me and remind me constantly. If you want to success, you gotta have perseverance and keep it going. I specially like the line, you already in pain, in hurt, so keep going, don’t quit until you get reward.

And it reminds me that I need to step out from the comfort zone and sacrifice to achieve what I want. If you want to success, you have to sacrifice and really focus on it.

dont quit

I know, I understand many of us do not want to step out because of what we had, what we met, what we faced in the past. Please be reminded that,

Your future has nothing to do with your past!

Past is past, what’s important is your future. Your future is better than your past. It’s no point to keep standing at the same point and not pushing yourself up to next level.

To be harsh, GET A LIFE. 😛

All you need to do is just FOCUS. Of course, focus on the right things, your PRIORITIES.

Anyway, the video touched about the sacrifice the sleeping time, which I think a bit inappropriate. For a healthy lifestyle and fresh mind, you have to sleep at least 7 hours every night. You don’t need to sacrifice your sleeping time, but time management is needed.

So friends, set the goals and focus.  Good luck.



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