Dream that I can’t achieve forever

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I know, nothing’s impossible.


there’s always one thing that you can’t do because it’s not your thing. HAHAHA! What? I’m not negative okay? I just accept the fact and just keep on day dream about it lol. That’s not your talent and just let other talented people do it? 

I love singing so much that I just keep singing, even though I’m not gifted with good voice lol (Okay, provided I’m at my room, bathroom and karaoke). I always wish that I have my own band and I’m one of vocalists. HAHAHAHAH Silly right? Whatever, told you it’s a day dream! LOL! It only meant for dream.

What? Cannot day dream? Day dream is one of my way to relax my mind okay? 

That’s why I always love to listen to song covers from YouTube singers. Frankly speaking, I think that they are way better than those celebrities. Should say it in this way, I prefer the way how Youtube singers sing. 😛

So in this post, I’m going to share with you my favourite YouTube singers.

#1 Jayesless

I bet you guys know about this twins. They are just too awesome. I have nothing to say. LOL

#2 Sam Smith, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Alex Goot and Chrissy Contanza!

I personally love to see all of them singing together. Just too perfect la! How come all so talented one! I group them together because I don’t want them to be separated. HAHAHA!

#3 Christina Grimmie

She’s another awesome one and I super happy that she finally succeeded by participating The Voice 2014! And now she owned her single album. Wheee! Congratulations!

Her version of Wrecking Ball is freaking awesome. I’m sorry to say, it’s better than Miley Cyrus lol!

It’s just a short sharing because I’m tired now! X) Let’s continue to sing in the shower and shout karaoke. HAHAHAH! Oh, do you like them too? Share with me if you have other good Youtube singers!

Anyway, before I crash to bed, just want to let you know that, if this is not your thing, not something that you can do. Forget about it and just focus what you can do. I believe God is fair enough and planted different gift and talent for each and everyone of us. So just keep doing what you can do and outshine from it!!

Good night everyone! Cheers.xx


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