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Easy make up x Yadah

This, drafted since few days ago and until today I only able to finish it. GAHH!

yadah front
Aloha people. How is your day? Good or bad? Anyway, no matter it is good or bad, you still have tomorrow, a better day. Keep hoping and don’t give up to live your life! Xx.

Okay la, a bit not related with the main topic for this post lol.

Today I’m gonna show some easy ways to touch up your face before hanging out. Whereby, you don’t need to purposely wake up half an hour earlier for make up.

For me, I don’t prefer heavy make up, unless for photoshooting purpose.

Let’s start.

yadah 1
Face with brows. And the round face is hinting to stop eating too much.

Firstly, do your daily skin care please before putting on make up. Toner, moisture and Sun screen. None of them could be skipped.

For me, I rarely put on foundation coz my sun screen can be act as foundation as well. So I don’t need to apply another layer.

You can put a layer of foundation and then compact powder, it is optional. I don’t like my face covered by too many layers. That’s why.

And DRAW YOUR BROWS! X) The most important one, please learn to draw brows that suit your face if you haven’t! LOL

Next, your eyes. If you’re lazy, as lazy as I do, you can choose to use eye shadow to enhance your eye. I like it coz it is more natural.
yadah 2
I’m using the palette from IN2IT. I suggest you to buy other brands such as Kate or KissMe. However, the both brands that I wanted are over my budget lol.

Yes la, I’m that stingy one. I won’t spend too expensive on make up as I’m not using them everyday. RM59.90 for one colour is expensive for me, so I chose IN2IT in the end.

Anyway, it can be used. The only problem is the colour doesn’t last long. But, nvm. I can accept. HAHAHAHA!

yadah 3
Just draw half of your eyes, one thin line is enough. Do the same for your lower lid, 1/3 for lower lid. Don’t colour your eyes like panda eyes lol. All you want is just shadow to cheat people LOL.

Mascara for next. I don’t like to curl my lashes with curler becoz lashes dropped after curling. So I will just straight apply mascara.
yadah 4

yadah 5
Here, I’m using Yadah’s Highlash Mascara.

yadah 6
Highlash Mascara features a tailored lash extending brush that instantly maximises length, lift lashes and add curls in just one sweep. Notice longer and thicker lashes in perfect separation that holds all day thanks to its advanced lightweight formula.

Winged out and over the top, instantly! Lift, curl and lengthen with the high performing Highlash Macara that offers lavishly long lashes with sensuous curves.

yadah 7
I bet you see the difference huh? Kinda obvious.

yadah 8
Another more obvious picture, it really did help to lengthen my lashes! Though my lashes already quite long without mascara. X)))) HAHAHAHA! Thank Mama. :3

yadah 9
Apply for lower lashes too.

yadah 10
Tadah, done for lengthening your lashes. THIS IS HOW IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE A GOOD MASCARA RIGHT!

yadah 12
If your think your lashes is not volume enough, you can choose to add another coat of mascara, for this I choose to use the Bloom Lash from Yadah.

yadah 14
yadah 15

yadah 13
Boom, here you done. Aren’t my eyes looking so much bigger HAHAHA! Cheat one okay. Thank you Yadah powerful mascara. :3

Here by, let me introduce something new. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint
yadah 24 (4)
Milky Tint has become the highly loved convenient item in every girl’s beauty bag. This versatile and intuitive tint features duo functionality for the lips and the cheeks. With the same bottle, you can pamper your cheeks with a sweet pink flush and paint your lips for a contoured, just-bitten red hue!

yadah 24 (3)
Comes in 2 irresistible sweet and natural colour varieties in 01 Sweet Cherry and 02 Sweet Pinky

yadah 21
Let’s do the gradient lips right now!

yadah 17
I decided to try out gradient lips with Yadah’s Milk Sweet Milky Tint (01 Sweet Cherry).

yadah 18

yadah 19
I think it is better for you to conceal your lips first. I’m using KissMe Heavy Rotation Lips Concealer if you wanna know. 🙂

yadah 20
Apply the Sweet Milky Tint at the centre of your lips and spread it!

yadah 22
Hehe. How how? It’s my first time to try the gradient lips :3 Actually it looks better in real life X)

Last, blusher. Teehee, I’m gonna use 02 Sweet Pinky for cheek. Baby pink cheek can catch people heart.:-P
yadah 23

yadah 24 (1)

yadah 24 (2)

yadah 25
I’m so sorry that I already owned pink cheek before applying hahahaha! Coz my face will get flush easily when I’m hot. I mean, my cheek is influenced by the temperature lol. When I’m real angry, my face will turn red as well lol! Really following the temperature one. -.-

yadah 26
Pat on it, spread it and you’re done babe!

yadah 27 (1)
And hello! I have to apply more than usual here to let you girls see the effect lol. You can test it with a little amount first, not enough only add on. :3

yadah 27 (2)
Gradient dry lips is sexy. HAHAHAH!

yadah 27 (3)
Zoom in to let you see clearly.

yadah review  (1)
Thank you for giving me all these awesome products. Seriously can’t being thankful all the time! Thanks Yadah Malaysia! xx

I’m totally amazed by the new products from Yadah! Especially the lips tint which duo functionality. You can use it for your lips and cheeks. And the price is only RM25! Affordable and useful. Most importantly, it goes natural on our skin, same with its well-known natural skincare products suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

And don’t forget to hit their facebook page for more information : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia?ref=br_tf

OH yaaaaa.
yadah 28  (1)
I got this cute little pouch from Yadah too!

yadah 28  (2)
Just nice to put all these products. You can bring them out easily too, your handbag won’t be in mess 😛 I guess only girls get what I meant.

yadah 28  (3)
Yadah is having discount currently. You can just get the FREE Yadah pouch worth RM29 by purchasing RM68 and above only! Eh, RM68 you can buy many products from them, as I said product from Yadah is affordable and of course, excellent quality.

So don’t miss out the sales and get their awesome new cosmetic product for your christmas!

Exclusive at SASA logo
Yadah is available at the following Sasa stores:

Sungei Wang Plaza, Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, Lot 10, Mid Valley Megamall, KL Festival City, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Cheras Leisure Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Alamanda Putrajaya, Sunway Giza Mall, One Utama, Mines Shopping Fair, Setia City Mall, Bukit Raja, Mahkota Parade, AEON Bandaraya Melaka, Queensbay Mall, AEON Seberang Prai City, Gurney Paragon Mall, KSL City Mall, City Square JB, Batu Pahat Mall, Bukit Indah, Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh Parade, First World Plaza Genting, Warisan Square, Plaza Merdeka, Alor Star Mall, Bintang Megamall, The Spring Kuching, Suria Sabah.

Yes, Yadah is available online too, the products are available at Zalora.com.my, Hermo.my and MIVVA.com.

That’s all. I hope you enjoy reading, or scrolling picture. HAHAHA!

Night sweet.x



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